Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

Kendrick came to his feet at the noise from the lower levels. Rohesia had been coherent for a few moments. Talked with him of inconsequential things. And in those few moments he knew that he had made an almost fatal error in his dealings with Artair and the Duncan’s. She was a piece a light, fragile and yet strong as steel. Someone who could show Artair that goodness in life, nurture him in becoming the man he was meant to be, while at the same time not backing down when she wanted something.

With only a few comments she had managed to gain his loyalty, and he could not say exactly why, only that his gut told him this woman was special, and Artair deserved that. If she could help his friend, in any way at all, then he would protect her till the end.

But this ruckus going on below…if she had not been deaf he would have raised the fires of hell for the disrespect. This woman needed the rest and time to heal from an illness he was very sure brought her close to death. But she had fought her way back, and he would not let anyone interrupt that fight now. Even if it was the male who loved her with his entire being, for he should know better.

With one last glance at the slumbering female that had his friend tied in knots, he turned for the door, fury in every step. Roaring as he gained the top of the staircase. “What in the name of all that is holy, is going on down there?” Artair’s face popped into view, not in the least bit repentant. “Kendrick. You are going to want to come and see this…” Artair looked away, speaking to someone to the side that could not be seen from the angle he was looking. Artair shook his head before finally turning back to the conversation they were shouting to each other. “We have some information you are going to want to hear.”

Disappearing around the side of the staircase with those words, it left Kendrick with the option to either follow or stay where he was. And staying in position at the top of the stairs would get him nowhere. Taking them two at a time, whilst being careful not to trip and fall to his own untimely death, he spun on a jump around the end of the staircase. Heading in the direction where the current commotion was occurring.

Watching for a moment as a maid rushed from the room almost barrelling into him. Apologising half-heartedly, the healthy endowed female skirted around him, and bustled away as quickly as possible. Shaking his head he moved forward once more. Calling out on his way forward. “Artair, what in the great fires of hell is going on here?”

His friends head popped out of the open doorway ahead. “The fires of hell may just be where we are…or where we are going to be soon.” Disappearing again, Kendrick almost growled in frustration. Stomping forward, he came to a complete stop. “Artair, I repeat, what is going on here?” He quickly took in the scene before him. His eyes flitting from one face to another. “Since when do you open your doors to him? Or were you the cause of his injuries, and you wish to gloat over his position?” He could not see Artair doing the latter, but sometimes Kendrick did seem to think that Robert deserved something of whatever had happened to him. The male grimacing in pain was enough to feel a little vindication for the male’s treatment of a good friend’s wife. And for the negative emotions that he had produced in Artair in the last few weeks.

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