Chapter 61

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Chapter 61

Rohesia stood atop the ramparts and took a deep breath of the still chilled air. Whilst the snow had begun to melt in earnest now, the suns weak rays had warmed the snow enough to melt it, but not warm the air around her quite yet. A harsh shiver went through her as she tugged the warm cloak tighter around herself, the wind having managed to find a small gap in which to send the shivers racing through her.

But the view really was worth any chill she felt at this moment. The rolling landscape leading to the forests and eventually to the mountains beyond. She had come up here every day since Artair had given her the tour of the buildings both in the Keep proper and the small village attached to the Keep. It made her feel alive up here, as if she were on top of the world, knowing that she was wanted by someone she knew watched from below. He thought that she did not know he watched, but she could feel his eyes upon her. It was comforting, in a strange way, to know that she was in fact someone's first priority. Even her father had had people who depended on him to survive. Those people came first. That she understood. However, that did not mean that everyone needed to be needed by someone at least once in their life.

Somehow, she had managed to find someone who cared, that she cared for too. In a place that even on a cold day such as this, radiated an aura of warmth from the very people that it housed. In less than a week, Isla had seemed to adopt her as a granddaughter, Sheena had become her second shadow, Aislinn had shown her this specific spot that she liked to watch the world from and every so often she would walk by passing her cups of warm mead. Fyfa had introduced her to the mountain of a man, who was even larger than Alfred, and told her that if she ever needed help with Artair, Hamish would be more than happy to lend her a fist or two. Which everyone seemed to find hilarious when Fyfa had made that comment. Artair had taking the mocking on the chin, good naturedly ribbing the men back.

All these women came forth with warmth and friendship offered that Rohesia had no idea what to do with them. She had no idea how to deal with the offers they were extending, for she had had no real friends since her 'illness'. The very fact they wished to know her was perplexing, but every time one approached her, she could see Artair light up with pride. For Artair was never very far from her, which was another reason she knew that he was below watching her right that moment. It was the furthest he had been from her, but still had her in his sights.

With a heavy sigh, which heaved her shoulders, she looked out over the beautiful vista, but felt hardly worth it. She should not have gotten her hopes up, it was her own fault she knew this, even though Sheena tried blaming herself, there was nothing that could be done. The damage was obviously too deep for anything to be done. Blinking back the tears that she did not want to shed, it felt as if she was in mourning again, even when she knew she should not be. She had lived with this for so very long now, it was a part of who she was, it was the loss of hope more than anything, a hope she had known not to feel that finally had her crashing inside. This was not Sheena's fault and it was not Artair's fault, yet she knew they both felt incredibly guilty. But there was no need, she just needed some time alone in order to work through her own thoughts once more.

Edine had been the one to bring it up, that Sheena could not fix her own arm, but could fix everyone else. It was then most had looked to her with questioning gazes, wondering if in fact Sheena could fix something that was damaged so long ago. A seed had been planted in all their thoughts which Rohesia had known would just know would keep growing and growing until they had to try it eventually. So she knew that she would have to try it sooner rather than later. For the bigger the tree the further it fell and the more destruction it caused.

She knew she should not have even attempted it, but the 'what ifs?' Would have been awful if she had not. It had been one of the reasons she had asked Artair to take her to Sheena's and Aonghus from the Keep that morn. Having to keep the room that had used that first night for the foreseeable future as there had been a small collapse in the roof of Artair's cottage whilst Aonghus and Sheena had been off trying to find them. While it was being repaired, Aonghus had offered for them to stay with them, only neither of them had wanted to put out his family like that, knowing such close confines could be trying for such new relationships and old relationships being renewed.

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