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Chapter 27

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Chapter 27


There was shocked silence stunned the air for all of three seconds before Artair’s arm went slack from Kendrick’s throat and he stood back from him. Well, staggered would have been a better way to have described the way he retreated.

“Larena?” The shock was palpable.


“As in Larena, Larena?”


“Cam’s little sister Larena?”


Frustration bubbled over. Thrusting his fingers in his hair, he grunted as he pulled. “Is that all you can say?” Kendrick let the corners of his mouth tilt up tiredly. “Aye.” It was a whispered jest that fell short in all ways.

“You do realise that Cam has been trying to marry her off for the last few years.” The slow, downtrodden nod was all Kendrick could manage. “Well, where in the name of God Almighty have you been hiding? If you’re her betrothed, why does Cam not know? And for all that is forsaken, why are you beholden to the Douglas?” The last he had to throw in, but was unsure how he could take any more information. This one had thrown him off course, and he was definitely not going to be able to take much more without Kendrick being the object of his frustration.

Kendrick thrust his fingers into his hair, and twisted it, sliding down the wall as he first crouched, and then collapsed to the floor. Sitting with his head between this knees. Artair was unsure he would get any sort of answer. After the silence started to become unbearable, he stalked through to the other room, heading straight for what was needed. Scottish liquid gold. The only stuff strong enough to get him through this.

Taking both the bottle and two of the cups that had been left over from a few nights ago. Checking to make sure they were clean, he stalked back through towards Kendrick. Slamming himself onto the floor before him, and pouring a small potent amount into the cups. Pushing one of them closer to the male still crumpled before him. Lifting his own, he let the fumes hit him, and took the whole lot in one swallow. The fire trailing down his throat making him feel alive for the first time since he had walked away from Rohesia in the early hours of the morn. Pouring once more, he paused as Kendrick held out his for a refill.

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