Chapter 38

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AN - Hey guys, so sorry it hasbeen so long, but i have been really immersed in editing one of my other books that i am hoping to get published. It meant that i lost track a little of the amount of time it has been since i last wrote and uploaded. Thanks for being so paitent, and i hope you enjoy the chapter! Az xx

Chapter 38

Cam and Hamish stood with each of their sons held against their hips. Both stood watching the training happening before them as they gently bounced their bairn’s to keep them from fussing. There was a deafening noise before them as the males roared and attacked each other in a mock aggressiveness. Half were sweating profusely despite the chill in the air that was not stopped by the curtain walls as they trained in the inner bailey, trying their hardest to keep as warm and active as possible.

“How did we end up here?” Hamish turned towards Cam with a questioning brow. “What are you chattering on about?” Cam smirked as he looked away from the training and took in the sight of the clan’s best warrior looking so at home and relaxed holding his bouncing bairn. Who in all probability was about to slobber all over his father, as he had done twice already. Much to Cam’s amusement and the slight embarrassment from Hamish as he endured the gentle joking from the men training below. Or well, they were supposed to be training, but somehow managed to catch each and every act of the bairn’s when they did something hilarious.

“You know, if someone had mentioned six years ago that I would be stood here holding my second bairn, while standing as Laird watching his men train. With his second in as happy a marriage as I was in. Then I know exactly what I would have told them, and what is even more amazing is the fact that I will not even say that aloud at the moment, as I do not want my son to repeat it.” He shook his head as the amazement truly sunk in as to how lucky he had been, and how utterly uneducated he had been about life until he had found the highs and lows of the life he now led.

He would not swap any of what was had happened, not for anything. He was most assuredly never going to be the same again if he was ever to lose what God had seen him fit to hold close.

The clashing swords brought his attention back to the bailey before him, the weight of his son slowly making his arm ache. Not that he would complain, for it was an ache he would welcome any day, at any point in time. This was not something he would swap for anyone or anything. The sounds of men laughing and shouting before them making a surge of pride flow through him. Knowing that they had become a stronger force since he had taken over from Toren, he was so glad that he had been forced into this life. For the clan was flourishing, in general, if you take away the supply problems they were facing at the moment.

The fire which destroyed one of the storage building has meant lack of food for everyone. The entire clan was trying their hardest to do everything they could to save every last scrap. Yet they had pulled together even closer through this crisis. Those that had little were still sharing with those that had nothing. They were making sure that they all survived the harsh weather and that the clan can get through this together and find spring a much better time together.

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