Chapter 20

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AN - Sorry it has been a while. I have had a two day long migraine and a very painful ankle, and all with work on top of that! But here is the next chapter, hope it was worth the wait! Az x

Chapter 20


                There is a time when everything swirls around you, and yet you stand alone. Whether that be the weather, or the actions of others, you stand in the midst of it all and let the effects batter you here and there, and you eventually fall where you are pushed, and watch as all around you moves in a way you have no control over. Artair fought against the storm, Rohesia knew he would. He was not the sort to sit back and watch that storm rail at him without at least trying to push back the force of nature only the Almighty himself could change.


                Rohesia, however, sat on the creaky small bed, her head against the crumbling wall, as she tried to see a way through the storm she had no chance of stopping from coming straight for her. Having managed to sneak back in by a still sleeping Alfred, she could find no solace in the gentle arms of slumber. The heat from the earlier hearth fire had dissipated, and while the room was still warmer than the snow covered street below, it was still close to freezing, and her breath could be seen before her face in the finest of mists. As if her very soul was trying to escape from the coming ferocity she was going to be unable to flee from bodily.


                Whomever she was to marry, she only hoped that she could survive until the end had come upon her, one way or another. Watching as her breath formed a living being before her, she pulled the thin, threadbare blanket about her shoulders and hoped that if her life was to be a living nightmare from this point then the cold would take her this night and she would not have to know more horror in her life than she already had.


                The shivers that racked her frame now she was warming slightly from her little trip to imagined freedom, not that it felt like warmth at all. Her mind took her back to those fleeting moments as the snow drifted in flurries around her and the one person who brought heat into her life. The few tantalising minute when their lips had merged and shown that she could indeed find that fire deep within her once more. The fire which had flickered and faltered since her father’s demise.


                Her stiff fingers released their death grip on the thin cloth of the blanket and reach slowly to rest lightly against her lips. Remembering the imprint of the one who had brought her back to life. It may be the last time she saw him, she knew that deep inside, he would fight to see her once more, but she was not sure he could succeed the gale coming their way. She also could not say how she would react if he did manage to break through to her once more. She could not say whether she would stay true to the course her word had set, or whether she would in fact run into the safety his arms provided for her and demand he never let go. Wherever he went she would go too.

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