Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

It was like looking at a reflection of yourself, but knowing that there was nothing reflective before you. There were differences, no matter how small in the image before her, and it was becoming more and more obvious that the image was not what she thought, imagined, or could ever dream of. This person looked like her, even sounded like her...and that was when she realised... "I heard you!"

The eyes across from her widened, before her eyebrows drew close together. "Of course you heard me? I heard you. Why would you not hear me?" The words were a rush, yet the joy beat in Rohesia chest at the gift that she had received. Whatever was going on, she would forever remember this precious moment. Her mind buzzed, she did not know what to do with this knowledge, or even worse for her, was not knowing when it would end. "Who are you? Why do you look so much like her?" The hand which was so similar to her own waved in front of her eyes. It was peculiar, as if she was looking at her own hand which she had spent her entire life using.

Bringing her focus once more, fully, upon the woman before her, she heard her own voice speak once more for only the second time since she was a child. "Like who? Who are you?" The confusion was leaking in once more. Tearing her gaze from the peculiar woman before her, she let it roam the surroundings. Unable to see anything beyond the thick swirling grey white fog that creeped and swelled around them. They seemed to be the only two in existence at that very moment.

The woman who looked so much like her waved an impatient hand once more before her. "Fine, we are not getting anywhere like this. First we find out who each other is, what we last remember. Then we find out where we are and how we get back. How about that?" Rohesia was in awe as she listened to the woman who could be her twin...if she had ever had a twin. The plan whilst not much, was more than she had come up with at that point, at least giving them some information they could work with. Nodding slowly, her reflection relaxed visibly and offered a warm smile. Reaching out with a motherly like gesture and squeezed her shoulder reassuringly. "There is no need to look so worried, I promise you this, we will come through this and get back to those we love." Her head tilted and Rohesia had to wonder if hers had as well, or if they were actually independent beings. This was all so confusing.

"How about I start?" The expectant look had Rohesia nodding once more, it was obvious this woman was a leader. Someone who took charge of the situation and she was more than willing to give that control to her, whoever she was. "Wonderful, well my name is Sheena. I live with the clan MacKay in the highlands. I have a delightful husband and a son who is so incredibly special. The last thing I remember is walking across the hall of the Keep, to help the clan during a crisis that we are facing." As Sheena paused a moment, Rohesia could only stare in shock. This woman was from the clan MacKay. Artair's clan? Surely they could only be one? What would this woman say when she found out that Artair was in trouble because of her. From what he had told her, there was a bond between them all that connected them like the strongest of families. Something she had never known, and after the trouble she had caused, probably would never see or experience herself.

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