Chapter 30: America's Multimedia Superstar

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While the script for ‘Bring the Boys Out’ Season 2 was still in process, the CEO of Hollywood Records called Mr. Lockhart and wanted me to release my first self-titled debut album. I definitely said yes. The album composed 3 covers and 7 original songs:

1. Bring the Boys Out

2. What Are the Chances?

3. Remind Me to Forget You

4. Pretty and Young

5. The Real Me

6. Strangers in Love (duet with Sterling Knight)

7. Dreaming of You

8. Power of Desire (Studio live version with Mark Read & Christian Ingebrigtsen)

9. Viva Forever (with Spice Girls)

10. Bring the Boys Out (Acoustic version)

The album cover pictures showed my pretty and young image, wearing sophisticated and stylish outfits sponsored by Zara and Candies.

My singing career in Hollywood was very successful. My self-titled album went platinum in record sales for just 5 days since its release. The theme song ‘Bring the Boys Out’ from the Disney Channel Original Series with the same name rocked in radio charts. On the other hand, the ‘Pretty and Young’ MV went at #1 on MTV charts for 7 consecutive weeks. The song came at third place in most downloadable song in iTunes. Plus my album debuted at #5 on Billboard 100 Chart. Then MTV America gave me my own weekly show titled ‘Top 10 A-list’ which plays top 10 music videos from Asia which voted by Asian-Americans online via MTV’s site for 1 hour.

Because of my success and fame in Hollywood, I was dubbed as the America’s multimedia superstar by the fans and celebrities via social networking sites.

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