“Just the two of us?” I suddenly asked.

“No. With the people I mentioned.” Calvin answered.

We arrived at an exclusive restaurant near Taipei 101. I saw three guys with familiar faces. He went towards the table while I went to washroom. He greeted his friends with a smile and a tap on each other’s shoulder.

A moment after I walked outside the washroom, I went towards the table where he seated.

“Guys, this is my new friend that I was talking about. Her name is Christina,” he introduced me to his friends.

“Hello!” The three guys greeted me with a smile.

“This is Jiro, Aaron, and Chun,” Calvin introduced his friends to me from left to right.

“Hi! My complete name is Maria Christina Kitana Gosiengfiao. It’s my pleasure to meet three handsome guys like you.”

We continued our conversation as the two waiters served food. It was a busy but fun day. I felt I was a lucky girl who personally met Fahrenheit. We also took pictures. Aaron quickly posted a picture on Weibo, “We met new friend. She’s lucky that she’s with Fahrenheit.” Before Calvin and I got home, I updated my Twitter account. I tweeted a picture with this status, “I’m with Taiwanese group Fahrenheit. I’m such a lucky girl.”

It was my third day in Taipei. I packed clothes in my luggage, getting ready for my scheduled flight to Seoul at exactly 5:30 in the afternoon. I knocked at Calvin’s room. He didn’t answer. I tried to turn the knob clockwise. It’s unlocked. I silently entered in his room. I called him, “Calvin?”

“I’m in the shower room. Why?” he answered.

“Uhm… I packed my things. I’m going to airport by 2 in the afternoon.”


I went out his room. I saw his mom. I said, “Thanks, Auntie.”

“You’re welcome. Why are you thanking me?”

“Because I will go to Seoul later for an important reason.”

“Really? Take care of yourself and have a safe flight. Oh, I will give you something,” she told me as she went to her room to get something. As she came out, she gave me a necklace and let me wear it. I thanked her and asked why. She responded, “This is one of my favorite necklaces. It’s already yours. You’re the only one that I gave a precious necklace of mine because I know you will take care of it.” I was glad when I heard that so I hugged her and said thank you.

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