I opened my eyes and saw a bright light. I noticed the nurse beside me and asked, “Miss, are you alright?” I didn’t answer. I got up but I felt muscle pains at the back and legs. I held my right face and it has bandage on it. I asked the nurse, “Where am I? Why I’m here? What happened to my face?” The nurse replied, “You’re in the hospital in Hollywood. The plane you’re riding crashed. Do you remember your name?” I didn’t answer again. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Few weeks after, I woke up and regained strength. The pain was gone except the bandage on my face. I asked the nurse, “Who did pay my hospital expenses?” “He’s a guy. You will meet him soon. By the way, do you still remember your name?”

I can’t answer her. Who am I? What’s my name?

I shook my head. The nurse asked again, “Do you remember anything before you came here?” I shook my head for the second time.

I can’t remember anything. I only knew a thing. The nurse informed me that my plane got crashed.

I ate nutritious food given by the nurse. She guided me to walk slowly as I get used to it. I was in a stable condition and the doctor said I can dispel in the hospital. I asked the doctor, “Why can’t I remember anything from the past?” “It’s because you have amnesia. There’s a possibility that you will remember them but I’m not sure how long,” he honestly answered.

A good-looking guy entered in my room, wearing an American coat and tie. He asked me, “Are you alright? The doctor said you have amnesia and you didn’t remember anything even your name, right?” I just nodded at him and asked, “Who are you?”

“My name is Kyle Dylan Lockhart. I paid your hospital expenses. But it seemed your face had been damaged because of that accident,” he said.

I thanked him but raised another question, “Thank you so much, Mr. Lockhart. But how can I repay you?”

“I’ll call my friend who is a cosmetic surgeon who can fix your face. Then work under my company as a talent with a new name.”

“What’s the name of the company? And what will be my new name?”

“You will know after your surgery, okay? Just say yes.”

I had no choice but to say yes to him.

After I had dispelled from the hospital in Hollywood, Mr. Lockhart and I went to another hospital where his friend works as a cosmetic surgeon. I met the cosmetic surgeon. She’s very pretty and looked like a Filipino. Indeed, she’s a Filipino. Her name was Dr. Vicky Belo. Mr. Lockhart let her do the correct procedure of the surgery.

Months after the surgery had done, the bandage on my face had been removed. Mr. Lockhart gave me a mirror and saw the result. It seemed that the accident didn’t happen because the damage on my face had gone. I was prettier and younger than ever, but still I hadn’t remembered anything regarding my past.

“You’re very pretty,” Mr. Lockhart said.

I thanked him and Dr. Vicki Belo. I was very excited to start my life again. I thought that I was dead but God gave me a second chance. Maybe I still had a mission on earth. I didn’t know what it was but it was God’s plan and I let Him guide me to take the right path.

I had suddenly asked Mr. Lockhart the same questions before I took the surgery, “Mr. Lockhart, do you remember my questions I asked before I took my facial surgery? Please answer me honestly. What’s the name of the company that I’ll be going to be your talent? And what will be my new name?”

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