Mr. Kim Young Min suddenly called me and said, "Please drop by at my office anytime tomorrow."

On the next day, as I entered the CEO's office, he smilingly greeted me and asked, "How's my new SM artist and the new member of So Nyeo Shi Dae?"

"I'm fine," I immediately answered.

"By the way, your birthday is fast-approaching. Do you want a grand celebration?"

"Huh? But I had celebrated birthday parties every year with my father and my friends."

"But now is different. You have friends who are celebrities and fans who love you."

"Oh. If you want, it's okay for me. But I have a favor."

"And what is your favor?"

"Can I celebrate my birthday earlier with kids of UNICEF or World Vision?"

"Sure. We'll fix your schedule as much as possible."

"Thank you, Sir."

"You're welcome, Eunkyo."

"So what am I going to do?"

"Just say to me what type of party you like and give me a list of 18 roses and 18 candles plus people you want to invite. I'll invite the Korean media to cover your party."

"Okay. I'll give them to you next week. Thanks again."

After a week, I gave the CEO everything for the preparation of my 18th birthday. I didn't expect much but I’m pretty sure that I'll enjoy the night.

Few days prior to my birthday party, elegant gowns were ready and invitations were distributed. Then I met kids of World Vision and UNICEF that was scheduled from morning until afternoon on that day. In addition, I saw their smiles and I was happy that I made their day special.

On my special day, I woke up from bed. When I went downstairs, the Jung sisters greeted me and prepared a delicious breakfast. I was surprised then thanked them. Then after we ate breakfast, I opened my Twitter account and saw a lot of tweets from followers who greeted me. I retweeted some of them and thanked them for their birthday wishes.

Afternoon on that same day, the stylist went to our house and made me beautiful by putting make-up and styling my hair. Then I wore my gown prepared by a Filipino fashion designer named Francis Libiran. The Jung sisters accompanied me from home to the venue located in Seoul by taking a car provided by our agency.

We finally arrived at around 6:45pm. The Jung sisters took me to a room and left me. I was nervous but excited at the same time. Few minutes after, one of the staff of the event knocked the door then entered. She said, "Ms. Jung Eunkyo, let's go. The party will start at few minutes." I followed her. I was surprised that a lot of people went to my party. Some of them were familiar. The show had started.

I. Introduction from the MCs: Leeteuk and Calvin Chen

II. Entrance of the debutant

III. Video containing my pictures from childhood to teenage years

IV. Dinner

V. Video containing greetings from some of my friends in the Philippines

VI. 18 Candles

          1. Victoria

          2. Sulli

          3. Luna

          4. Therese (best friend in the Philippines)

          5. Aileene (best friend in the Philippines)

          6. Julie (best friend in the Philippines)

          7. Janella (best friend in the Philippines)

          8. Krystal

          9. Sunny

          10. Hyoyeon

          11. YoonA

          12. Yuri

          13. Sooyoung

          14. Seohyun

          15. Tiffany

          16. Taeyeon

          17. BoA

          18. Jessica

VII. 18 Roses

          1. Amber

          2. Wu Chun

          3. Jiro Wang (Fahrenheit member)

          4. Aaron Yan (Fahrenheit member)

          5. Calvin Chen (Fahrenheit member)

          6. Kris

          7. Kai

          8. Yunho

          9. Yonghwa (CNBlue)

          10. Taemin

          11. Onew

          12. Key

          13. Minho

          14. Sungmin

          15. Siwon

          16. Ryeowook

          17. my dad

          18. Jonghyun

VIII. Special performance from the debutant

IX. Message from the debutant

X. Open dance floor

I enjoyed the night. I felt that I was the happiest person because all of my best friends, even my dad went here in Seoul to attend my birthday party. I received a lot of gifts from fans and friends. It was tiring but indeed it was a night to remember.

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