Some Filipino Shawols and SONEs saw us. We greeted them and took some time to have a picture with them. I tweeted with a picture, “@realjonghyun90 and I enjoying our vacation in Manila.” Though we’re having a vacation, the live shows of ABS-CBN invited us to be their guest. We’re unsure if our management will allow us. So Jonghyun took his initiative to call our managers about this. After two days, it was good news for ABS-CBN because SM Entertainment allowed us to be the guests of these following shows: Kris TV, It’s Showtime, Showbiz Inside Report, ASAP 2012, and The Buzz.

They also allowed us to be the MYX Celebrity VJs for the month. We will take care of these shows: Pop MYX, MYX Backtrax, Mellow MYX, and My MYX. I was wondering if it’ll be a conflict for me because I’m still an MTV VJ. But they will take care to talk with MTV management about this.  

We enjoyed our two-week stay in Manila. Though we had a hectic schedule, at least we had fun. Jonghyun and I bought some souvenirs for our friends. I asked him, “Can you give these to BoA, f(x), Super Junior and the rest of Girls’ Generation?” He nodded. I asked again, “To whom you will give those souvenirs?” He answered, “This is for Jonghyun of CNBlue, Minho, Key, Taemin, and Onew.” We packed up our clothes to get ready for our flight destination: Jonghyun back to Seoul while I to Los Angeles.

We finally arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. While waiting for our flight to be called, we’re suddenly sad because we’ll miss each other. Jonghyun noticed that I was crying so he pulled my head to his shoulder. I continued crying and he said, “Shh… Stop crying, okay? We will see each other again after you come back in Seoul. Don’t worry. You’ll be fine and I’ll be alright. You can call me every day, okay?” I sadly nodded. 

The flight to Seoul was the first one to be called. I cried once more. I hugged Jonghyun tightly. He suddenly kissed my lips then bid farewell. 

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