I AM OFFICIALLY A K-POP STAR! Though I don’t have any Korean blood, at least they welcomed me so warm with open arms. From now on, call me Jung Eunkyo. Okay, so as Mr. Kim said… For group activities, I will be with Girls’ Generation. For individual activities, I will be having four dramas and a show. Plus three product brands from well-known companies prepared contracts as their new endorser. Also, Korea’s top selling magazine wanted me to be their cover girl for the next couple of months. What a hectic schedule ahead! Did my father know about this? So I quickly called my father.

“Hello, Dad?”

“Hi, my princess! Congratulations!”

“Thanks, Dad. But how did you know?”

“Young-min called me. Good luck on your career. I’ll try to go there to see you perform on stage.”

“Sure. I’ll wait for that to happen. How are you?”

“I’m fine here. The company is going strong.”

“Good to hear that.”

“I know you’ll be busy. Remember that your dad misses and loves you so much. Take care.”

“Thanks again, Dad. I miss and love you too. Take care too, Dad.”

When I hung up the phone, I noticed something missing. Oh my! My necklace that Calvin’s mother gave to me. Oh no! I’m sure I’ll be dead.

I tried to search but a guy stood in front of me. He asked, “Is this yours?” I nodded. He grabbed my hand and put the necklace on my palm.

“Your face is very familiar. Have we met before?” I suddenly asked.

He answered, “You bumped me twice already here at 15th floor.”

“Oh! I’m so sorry.”

“It’s alright. Can I have your name?”

“I… am… ah… ah… Jung Eunkyo.”

“So you are the new member of Girls’ Generation, right?”

“Yes. How did you know?”

“Through your manager. And I watched your performance in the academy’s recent musical and competition. You’re good.”

“Thank you very much. And thanks that you found my necklace. Hope to see you around here.”

“Yeah. By the way, I’m from the male idol group Super Junior. My name is Choi Siwon.”

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