Calvin’s mother called us for dinner. He yelled, “Okay. We’re coming!” then he answered no. We came downstairs towards dining table. The food looked very delicious. All of us ate while having a conversation.

It was my second day in Taipei. Calvin asked me, “Do you want to go with me?” I didn’t answer. He asked again, “Hmm… How about touring around the building where I’m working?” “Huh?” I answered in a low voice, “Sure.”

We arrived at MTV Taiwan office. The employees greeted him in Mandarin. He opened his computer on his desk. I asked, “What’s your work here?”

“I’m a VJ,” he answered.

“In what show?”

“Ri Han Yin Yue Feng.”


“It’s Japan and Korea Music Craze.”

“Oh… A show featuring Japanese and Korean pop, right?”

He nodded then continued, “Also, I’m hosting Apple E-News.”

“Oh…” I said. He’s a celebrity. As I looked around his desk, I noticed several pictures with his friends. Majority was he and three men who looked that they were very close. While I was pointing on a picture, I asked again, “Who are they? It looked like you’re very close with each other.”

“That’s Aaron Yan, Wu Chun, and Jiro Wang,” Calvin replied as he pointed each one on the picture.

“Are they famous like you?”

“Yup. We are, either group and individual activities.”

“Group? So you’re a boy band?”

He nodded and answered, “We’re the original Fahrenheit. Chun left the group.”

I was surprised that someone left the group. He continued, “But we support each other.”

“So Jiro, Aaron, and you are still members of Fahrenheit?” I asked again. He said yes. An hour had passed; we entered his studio where he’s shooting for his JKpop show. The studio was full of pictures of JKpop artists. While he’s recording for an episode, I was amazed in his skills of being a host though I didn’t understand. He taped a total of 3 episodes on that day.

We left the building at around 6pm. He said, “I already informed my mom. Let’s eat dinner outside.”

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