Chapter 38: Refreshing Memories as Dad's Only Daughter

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“But why?” Sterling didn’t believe that I’d said no.

I bowed my head down. He tightly held my arms and said loudly, “Tell me! Why?”

I started to cry and told him honestly, “Because there’s a guy who was waiting for me who still loves me for years.”

“WHAT? Then who is that person? That’s why you’re going back to Seoul?”

“I want to find the answer to all my questions about my past. That’s all. I’m so sorry,” I didn’t stop crying in front of him.

He turned back as he approached to the exit door, “I understand. And I regret that I waited for you because I love you. But I have no choice but to accept it and move on.” He turned again and asked, “We can still be friends, right?” I just nodded at him as his tears fell down from his eyes. He went out. I cried so hard and whispered, “I supposed to say this to you. Thank you for loving me and sorry for not loving you back.”

Few days after, I arrived in Manila. A guy was waiting for me at the arrival area. He’s holding a cartolina paper with a big arrow above him saying, “Koreen Young, this is your number one fan.-Dad.”

I suddenly hugged him without a doubt, with no reason. I just felt that I’ve met my father again.

We went home in Gosiengfiao’s mansion located in Makati City. I was amazed of how big it was and how elegant its interior design. Dad picked the photo album from the glass shelf in living room. I opened it and saw many pictures of myself with him. The photo album was full of childhood memories. I almost cried. I asked him, “What was my name?”

“Your name was Maria Christina Kitana Gosiengfiao, my one and only daughter and the heiress of Asia’s most successful music label company,” he truthfully answered.

“Oh. What a nice name! But it’s long. Can you tell me more about my life before that accident?”

“You’re a member of Girls’ Generation, one of the top girl groups in South Korea. You became a singer by releasing a solo album and actress in your dramas. Also, you were an MTV VJ. And of course, you’re the girlfriend of Kim Jonghyun, a member of SHINee,” he continued describe my life.

It was meaningful indeed. Many fans were inspired and loved me as I am: a Kpop singer, an amazing actress, a smart host, a caring friend, a loving daughter.

Still, I didn’t remember anything even a little bit of memory. Dad asked, “So have you remembered?”

I shook my head. And he just nodded but hoped that I would remember in right time.

I stayed a week in Manila with my father. We went to high-class shopping malls like Eastwood in Quezon City, and Powerplant, Rockwell, Greenbelt and Glorietta in Makati City. Plus I tasted Filipino dishes in restaurants. People noticed me as Koreen Young and took time to shake hands and capture a photo with me.

As a surprise visit before I departed, I gave my time with a total of 50 kids of World Vision Philippines which our family company sponsors. With the help of my dad, we had fun games and they received prizes. I was very happy when I saw their cute smiles and gave sweet kisses. As a token, I distributed 50 school bags with supplies they needed for an academic year. They even made a handwritten card saying ‘Thank you.’

Finally, the day came. I bid farewell to my dad. I thanked him for taking care of me when I was a baby until I grew up using my name Maria Christina Kitana Gosiengfiao. Before I went inside the airport, I smiled at him and hugged him tightly. As I turned back, my tears were falling down as I go to the plane back to Seoul.

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