Chapter 15: Getting Ready For My First Drama Debut

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A day after I had series of endorsement shootings, I received a call from my manager. He said that I’ll come to my manager’s office at around 9am on the next day for a meeting. I arrived at my manager’s office around 10 minutes before 9am. He put the drama script on his table in front of me and said, “Here’s your first drama script. Start studying your script. You’ll start shooting in the next few weeks. The drama producer will arrive here in a few minutes to discuss more details about your next drama.” I nervously nodded. Few minutes later, the drama producer arrived. She’s very pretty and young; I guess in her late 20s. We proceeded to conference room. I was surprised when I saw the director. I wasn’t familiar but my manager said that he directed City Hunter. I silently asked my manager, “City Hunter? Is that the drama of Lee Minho and Park Min Young?” She agreed. The producer and the director explained the story and my role in my first drama. I said, “Ok. I’ll accept the drama.” “Good. As your manager had said, prepare by reading and studying your script. We’ll be starting in few weeks,” the director said. I asked again, “Who will be my male lead?” “Well, I’ll ask you. Who among these handsome guys do you want?” The director raised a question but continued, “Ah. I remember your interview in Showbiz Korea. We’ll pick from those three good looking men, ok?” I was surprised and didn’t answer. But there’s a name that’s coming out in my mind: Kim Jonghyun. I don’t know why I’m thinking of him.

Next day, CEOs of MTV Korea and MTV Asia came at the conference room of SM Entertainment. They said that I’ll be having two shows: an infotainment show titled KOREAnASIA (plays KPop and other music from Asian countries) and a reality show titled Eunkyo’s Kaleidoscope Diaries. They said that I can speak in English and they will put subtitles in Korean, Mandarin, Japanese and Bahasa. And I’ll be starting to shoot the first episode in few weeks because it’ll premiere next month.

It was first Monday of new month. I was so nervous and I had no idea who’s my male lead in the drama. I just read and studied the script. Suddenly my phone rang. It’s my dad. I picked up the phone and answered it.

“Hello, my princess! How’s my superstar?”

“Dad! I’m alright.”

“You know, I’m very proud that the newest star in Korea is my daughter!”

“Oh, thanks Dad! How are you? How’s everything in Manila?”

“I’m fine. Our company’s doing fine. There were a lot of investments coming. And Manila stays as it was.”

“Good. So, am I famous there because I’m a new member of Girls’ Generation?”

“Yes. But few only knew, I mean people who had seen you in person.”

“Oh… Anyway, I gotta go. I need to shoot for my first drama.”

“Wow! Ok. Good luck. Remember Dad always supports you. I love you! I miss you!”

“I love you Dad. I miss you too.”

I arrived at the set on time. I saw the director and the rest of the production staff getting ready for the shoot. I called the director and asked who’ll be my male lead. He said, “Oh… He? He’ll be starting shooting soon. He’s still on tour with his group mates.” “Gosh! What a clue. I still haven’t figured it out which he is,” I said. The director laughed. Few minutes after, we already started shooting scenes. I had a lot of mistakes though I’m used to speaking English. But it was fun. I believe that the director was so happy with my performance. He said, “You’re good. I’m sure you’ll be a big star.” I thanked him for his kind words.

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