I arrived in Seoul with excitement. I waved to the fans and reporters. One of the reporters asked me, “What are you doing in Korea?” “I’m just here for a vacation for only 3 weeks. Thanks for your warm welcome every time I arrive,” I smilingly replied.

I went to hotel where I stayed when I came in Seoul for ‘Bring the Boys Out’ promotion. Then someone immediately knocked on the door. I yelled, “Wait a minute.” Three minutes later, I opened the door and surprised, “Jonghyun?”

Jonghyun came in. He asked, “How are you?” “I’m fine. Gomawo. By the way, why are you here?”

“I’m here to see and talk to you.”


“Had you retained your memory?”


“But you went to Manila, right? So had you seen your father?”

“Yes. I saw pictures when I was a kid. And he told me what kind of person I was before.”

“Had you eaten dinner?”

“Not yet.”

“I’ll treat you if that’s okay with you.”


We went to a Korean restaurant near the hotel. The waiter approached and gave us the menu. Few minutes after, he ordered 2 bibimbap and 1 Kalbi with 2 glasses of soda. The waiter served the food after 15 minutes. 

I tried to eat the Korean food. It seemed that I already tasted this kind of food before. Though it’s spicy, I liked it so much.

“It seems that you liked it. Bibimbap was one of favorite Korean food of Eunkyo,” Jonghyun said. I smiled at him. He really missed and loved his girlfriend who looked like me.

We finished the food in almost an hour and a half. He paid the waiter by using his credit card. Before we went home, he said something very important.

“Koreen, I know in my heart that you’re still Eunkyo who’s my girlfriend. But my mind rather thinks that you’re that other person who looks like her. I don’t have a girlfriend since Eunkyo died. And I still love her. When I saw you on TV as Koreen Young and not Jung Eunkyo, I hoped that I would like to see you again. I was so happy when I saw you during the shoot of your TV series. But a lot changed. I was so sad when you didn’t remember me at all. But I won’t lose hope because I will wait for that time that you will remember your past including me.

“I don’t want to lose you. I know that you don’t have a boyfriend since you forget your past. It doesn’t matter to me if you’re Eunkyo or Koreen. Whenever we see each other here in Korea, I have a strong feeling that you like me and you fell in love with me. I just want you to know that… I LOVE YOU. Ms. Koreen Young, would you be my girlfriend?”

He suddenly asked me a question that surprised me. I felt pity on him that he lost Eunkyo and hoped to see me again. He’s waiting for my reply. I was still in shock. But my feelings for him got stronger. That’s why I refused Sterling as my boyfriend because of him.

He noticed me that I nodded. He smiled and hugged me tightly. He suddenly kissed me. As we left the restaurant, he held my hand and interlocked our fingers together.

He opened the door at the right side of his car. I went inside his car, sitting comfortably and thanked him. He started the engine and drove as fast as he can. Suddenly, another fast car approached us. He tried to break the car then BOOM!

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