“The name of the company is SM Entertainment-USA. I’m the new CEO of that company. And your new name would be Koreen Young,” Mr. Lockhart said. It seemed that I already heard the company’s name before. It was so familiar… Anyway, my name would be Koreen Young? That’s a nice name.

So I had been launched as a new artist of SM Entertainment-USA and my first project as a Hollywood star was a new original series in Disney Channel. I met my co-stars in the series namely Brenda Song, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez. 

It was fun shooting my first Hollywood series titled ‘Bring the Boys Out!’ that has a total of 10 episodes. The story was about the best friends namely Asia (Brenda), Lucy (Vanessa), Claire (Ashley), Maddie (Demi), Kate (Selena), and Venus (me) who were nice but naughty if they’ll see handsome men. The girls welcomed me and helped me a lot. They gave me tips to improve my acting skills when it comes to comedy. We took two months in filming and I was star-struck with the show’s guests including famous handsome men plus my favorite girl group in the 90’s as the series’ finale:

Episode 1: Zac Efron & Lucas Grabeel

Episode 2: Jonas Brothers (Kevin, Nick, & Joe)

Episode 3: Jesse McCartney

Episode 4: Backstreet Boys (Nick Carter & Howie Dorough)

Episode 5: Robert Pattinson & Daniel Radcliffe

Episode 6: Nsync (Justin Timberlake & Lance Bass)

Episode 7: 98 Degrees (Jeff Timmons & Nick Lachey)

Episode 8: A1 (Ben Adams, Mark Read, & Christian Ingebrigtsen)

Episode 9: Sterling Knight

Episode 10: Spice Girls (Geri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham, Melanie Christholm, Melanie Brown, & Emma Bunton)

Weeks after we wrapped up the series, Disney Channel already premiered it and launched the new Disney star. It received good reviews from critics and viewers. Teens loved the series and idolized its main character. The series ended with whooping 40% of the TV ratings. SM Entertainment-USA named my official fanclub as Koreensters. I can’t believe that I was living a Hollywood dream.

The Boys & IBasahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!