I stopped crying few minutes after Jonghyun said goodbye. I got my mirror in the bag and glimpsed my eyes. I noticed that my eyes puffed. I put some eye cream on each.

The next flight called was Los Angeles. I picked my shoulder bag and held my plane ticket with passport and walked through the tunnel towards the plane. Inside the plane, I looked where I supposed to be sit. I found and sit comfortably. I wore a seat belt then the stewardesses taught us how to use the life jacket in case of emergency.

People in the same plane noticed me, “She’s the member of Girls’ Generation, isn’t she?” “Hi, Eunkyo!” and waved at me. I smiled at them and greeted them, “Hello po!” I opened my Twitter and saw Jonghyun’s tweets saying “Back to Seoul now. I’ll miss @iamjungeunkyo” and “@iamjungeunkyo Have a safe trip to LA. I love you.” I replied to his tweets: “@realjonghyun90 Have a safe trip also back to Seoul. I miss you more. I love you too.” I posted a tweet my followers, “I’m going to LA for another two week vacation. I’ll be taking a long sleep later. Bye and see you soon.” I read some tweets from my followers. A fan from Korea said, “Have a safe trip. Don’t forget to pray before you sleep.” “Hope you and @realjonghyun90 had fun in Manila. See you again soon,” a fan from the Philippines replied to my recent tweet. “SNSD’s Eunkyo will be having a vacation in LA! I’ll be able to see her in next days. Have a safe trip,” a California-based fan said. 

The plane took off and proceeded to the first stopover which is Nagoya, Japan. During the flight from Nagoya to Los Angeles, I took delicious but heavy meal. I asked the stewardess, “Miss, where’s your washroom?” She guided me towards the washroom. I thanked her and took time to use it.

As I got back in my seat, I fell asleep. Few hours before the plane landed, it had an emergency. I was nervous, thinking that I may able to die. I quickly got the life jacket under the seat. Suddenly, the plane crashed at the valley of Hollywood. 

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