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That night, I arrived at a famous 5-star hotel in Seoul, wearing a pretty pearlescent dress (note: the design is the same as SNSD Yoona wore in Ace Bed 2012 endorsement but hers was white). Ryeowook opened the door as I went down from the white limousine that was owned by Lee Soo Man. The red rose petals spread down on the floor that served as path towards the room. Ryeowook escorted me and we followed it. As we approached the room Siwon opened the main door. It was very dark inside, until a spotlight went on. Minho, Onew, Taemin, and Key were wearing elegant white suits while they’re singing ‘If You Were My Girl’ that was popularized by British boyband A1.

All lights went on as well after SHINee’s performance. I looked around. It seemed that the former and current artists of SM Entertainment gathered together. Even the people who worked under this company finished their tasks early to get prepared for this event. Also, some KPop idols and Korean actors from other talent agencies were present: CNBlue, 2NE1, IU, Juniel, Lee Joon Hyuk, and Shin Se Kyung. It was a surprise that Jonghyun’s family and my dad were there too. I hugged them.  

The buffet was already set for dinner. While the guests were eating, BoA called me. I went to the table where she was seated. She introduced a pretty girl to me who was close to her, “Se Kyung, this is Eunkyo, the current girlfriend of Jonghyun. Eunkyo, this is Shin Se Kyung, my best friend and Jonghyun’s ex-girlfriend.”

Se Kyung shyly greeted me, “Annyeong! It’s nice to meet you.”

“Annyeong!” I bashfully replied.

She confessed, “Honestly I envy you because your relationship lasts for years, unlike ours that only lasted for months. I’m happy that Jonghyun finally found the right girl in you. Promise me that you’ll take care and love him completely for me that I didn’t give that to him before.”

“Gomawo. I’m also glad on what had you admitted. I promise. And speaking of Jonghyun, where is he?”

BoA suddenly answered, “I don’t know… Anyways, eat your dinner first, okay? For sure he’ll come.”

I nodded. I went to the buffet table to get my own dinner and sat at the table of Super Junior, between Ryeowook and Siwon.

After one hour, Minho escorted me to the center stage. I comfortably sat on the chair. Suddenly, the lights turned off again. I heard a familiar singing voice. A spotlight went on directly at the main door. It was Jonghyun. He wore a pearlescent coat and tie, carried a bouquet of red roses as he walked towards the stage, gave it, and started singing three songs: Jesse McCartney’s track ‘Because You Live’, Sisqo’s record ‘Incomplete’, and Charlie Wilson’s single ‘Without You’. I was very shocked, “Hey, those were my favorite songs,” then I suddenly shed in tears.

He put out the handkerchief in his pocket and whispered, “Here’s my hankie. I have to say something to our guests.” While I was wiping tears on my eyes, he   announced, “We’re dating for more than 5 years. We hid it to public for the first two years. We faced challenges on our own lives such as her supposed-to-be vacation that resulted to an accident due to plane crash and had amnesia. I never gave up my love for her and hoped that she will remember everything soon. But because of that car accident a couple of years ago, her past memories flashed back.”

He kneeled in front of me. He put out a red velvet box and opened it. I saw a sparkling diamond ring and continued, “Jung Eunkyo… Koreen Young… Ms. Maria Christina Kitana Gosiengfiao, will you be my wife? Will you marry me?”

I cried once more. The guests screamed yes. Few seconds after, I nodded. He stared at me with a smile and pretended that he didn’t see my action, “I want to hear your answer.”


Jonghyun put the diamond ring on my left finger. Everyone expressed their happiness: some clapped and some jumped for joy. Then majority screamed, “KISS!!!” Jonghyun kissed me and hugged me.

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