The cast and production team of ‘Bring the Boys Out!’ Season 2 returned to Hollywood. While waiting for these series to air in Disney Channel Asia, I received good news: I’ll be having my first big screen movie titled ‘Bring the Boys Out! The Movie’ produced by Disney but the cast from both seasons will be included. I said to myself, “OMG! It’ll be a hit for sure!”

Story conference pushed through. Brenda Song, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Ana Maria Perez de Tagle, Jasmine Richards, Tiffany Thornton and Sterling Knight were present as well. We were all excited for the film.

We spent a total of 7 months to finish the movie. I thanked the production team for their effort and the cast for their help and support. I cried when we had a wrap-up party because it’s been more than two years since my debut. During the event, Sterling revealed something, “Everyone, listen. I have something to say.” I felt nervous. He continued, “She showed her acting prowess. She’s a good singer and amazing VJ too so I know that she has a long way to go as an artist. For more than two years, we’ve known her as sweet, hardworking, intelligent, and dedicated person. But on a serious note, I want to tell you that I like her.”

“Huh? Sterling, are you serious?” I asked him.

He truthfully replied, “Yes. So can you be my girlfriend?”

I stared at him for a moment then looked at everyone. I answered him honestly, “Well… I’m not ready yet for a relationship.”

“But why not?” he suddenly asked.

I responded, “Because I want to know first who I was before that accident happened.”

“What accident?” he asked me for the third time. I told them what happened to me at the hospital in Hollywood until I’ve become Koreen Young. They understood me. Then Sterling said, “Oh. Okay. I will ask you the question again next time.” 

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