SHINee’s Jonghyun was in his house, watching Disney Channel. While eating his favorite kimchi, he saw a familiar person on TV. He was surprised of what he had seen, “It’s Jung Eunkyo.” He’s watching the Disney Channel Original Series entitled ‘Bring the Boys Out!’ But he had questions that bugged in his mind: Is that Eunkyo? Does that mean she’s alive? Who’s that person in the cemetery? Why is she using the name Koreen Young?

He suddenly called his seniors and juniors in SM Entertainment to tune in on Disney Channel. SM artists were shocked that I was on that channel. Even Lee Soo-man and Kim Youngmin didn’t expect that I was alive and I was popular in Hollywood. They were very happy and wanted to meet me again soon to just say hello.

Jessica asked Jonghyun, “Are you happy?” He nodded, “Yeah. I missed her very much.”

“Do you still love her?”

“Yes,” his eyes started in tears. 

Because of the success of my first Disney Channel Original Series, Mr. Lockhart called Mr. Lee and informed him that ‘Bring the Boys Out!’ will be having its second season to be shoot in Singapore. And for the first time, top 3 Korean idol groups from SM Entertainment will appear. Those were Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, and SHINee. The members of each group wanted to be a part and pleased the management to allow them to appear in the series. Mr. Lee and Mr. Kim agreed.

BoA asked Mr. Lee, “How about me?”

“Let’s ask Eunkyo, I mean, Koreen’s management,” Mr. Lee truthfully replied.

BoA hoped and prayed. Days after, it was confirmed that she will also be in the series.

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