A day before the seminar had started; I left my hotel room locked and informed the receptionist that I’ll be back later. I gave her the keycard. As I had left the hotel, I told the taxi cab driver to go with this address that my father wrote in a paper: 521, Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The taxi cab arrived at almost 10am. I entered towards the building’s entrance. I informed the guard then the receptionist that I need to talk with the name of my father’s friend that was written in the same paper. The receptionist told me directions to his office. I thanked her and quickly took an elevator.

The elevator arrived at the 15th floor. I approached to the floor’s receptionist to look for their boss. She told me to wait as she called someone thru company phone. A woman walked towards me as I sat at the floor lobby. She asked, “Are you the daughter of Mr. Christian Gosiengfiao?” I nodded. She continued, “I’m his secretary. Please follow me.”

The secretary knocked and entered the office, “Boss, you have a visitor.” “Let her in,” he said.

“Good morning, sir,” I nervously greeted him.

“Good morning. Have a seat. I’m the current CEO of this company. My name is Kim Young min. I’m your father’s best friend.”

“It’s nice to meet you, sir. I’m Maria Christina Kitana Gosiengfiao.”

“Yeah. You’re already grown up. Well, your father said that you’re going to attend the seminar. Actually, it’s not a seminar. It’s a workshop. We are looking for new talents who can sing, dance, host, and perform on stage.”

I was surprised. My dad lied to me. But I realized that he told his best friend that he wanted to see his daughter happy. I remembered when I was a child, “My dream is to be in entertainment industry because I can sing, dance, act, and perform.”

The CEO continued, “Before you became a star, you will enroll at our academy. Don’t worry about the expenses. We will pay for that. Well, I will give you this letter and the company’s certificate. Show these to the academy administrator as proofs that you’re already accepted. The administrator will give you a form with list of courses that you will take during the program period. Come back here after the program ended for another negotiation.”

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