Months had passed. Jonghyun and I finally recovered from the car accident. My phone suddenly rang. It was Mr. Kyle Dylan Lockhart. I answered his call. He said that he’s currently in Seoul to talk with me, Mr. Lee Soo Man and Mr. Kim Young-min.

I went to SM Entertainment building with Jonghyun. He proceeded to rehearsal with his co-members in SHINee while I proceeded to meeting room. I opened and saw Mr. Lee, Mr. Kim, and Mr. Lockhart inside. We talked about my contract if I would still renew it or not. I decided to renew it with the recent name that I used which is ‘Koreen Young’ and pursue my Hollywood career. I thanked Mr. Lee and Mr. Kim because they were the reason why a non-Korean girl turned out to be a KPop star under the screen name Jung Eunkyo and became an inspiration to those aspiring people outside Korea who want to make a mark in the music industry. Mr. Lee respected my decision. Mr. Kim, on the other hand, smiled at me and said, “I’m very proud of you.” The bosses came out the room with happiness in their hearts. I went out few seconds after. I saw SHINee waving at me. Jonghyun asked, “What had you talked about?” I answered truthfully, “We talked about my contract. I decided to pursue my career in Hollywood. It’s very hard for me but I think it’s time to leave the name ‘Jung Eunkyo’ and live with the name ‘Koreen Young’. In addition, I still have pending projects in Hollywood to finish.” Jonghyun immediately embraced me and cried. I told him, “Hey, don’t cry. I’ll visit you at least once a year. I’ll be okay there. Don’t worry, okay.” He just nodded and continued crying.

A day before I go back to America, Jessica and BoA helped me out to pack my clothes into my luggage. BoA said, “We’ll be here to support you.” Jessica nodded her head. They both embraced me. I asked, “Where’s Jonghyun?” “He’s almost here. He will pick you up thru the airport,” Jessica replied. Some SM artists went just on time to say goodbye. Then Jonghyun arrived. He carried my luggage to the back of his car. I bid farewell to Jessica and BoA. The car departed.

We arrived at Seoul Incheon airport 3 hours earlier before the scheduled flight to Hollywood. Few hours later, the airport employer announced, “All direct flight passengers to Hollywood…” “It’s time to go,” I sadly said to Jonghyun. He cried and hugged me tightly. He kissed my lips, let me go then waved as I left.

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