Chapter 12: Jonghyun Found His SHINee Girl

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Next day, Jessica and I went to SM Entertainment’s recording studio. It was big. The facilities were modern. Other members of Girls’ Generation were present. Because I’m a new member, they taught me in pronouncing Korean through their songs. Also, my personal tutor in Korean language was there to guide me. She said that I’m easy to learn. I remembered slowly the lyrics as I memorized the melody.

It was afternoon of that day when Mr. Kim Young-min called for a meeting. We went to the conference room. We saw all SM Entertainment artists were there like EXO, F.I.X., The Grace-Dana and Sunday, f(X), BoA, TVXQ, SHINee, and Super Junior. He announced that the next SM Town Live concert will push through. I asked where it will be held. He answered, “In Manila.”

I was surprised. For sure, my father wanted to watch me perform on stage.

Jessica asked me for confirmation, “That is your hometown, right?” I nodded. She continued, “I’m sure you will work hard because you’re their pride. Aren’t you feeling any pressure?” “Of course, I’m feeling such pressure,” I truthfully answered.

The CEO of SM Entertainment continued his discussion. The meeting ended for almost two hours. After he went out the conference room, Taeyeon introduced me to all SM Entertainment artists. I was in star-struck when I met BoA. She’s so pretty and humble. I wanted to be like her soon.

Suddenly, I noticed a guy from the group SHINee. I raised a question to Jessica, “What’s the name of that guy right beside Onew?”

“Oh, that’s Jonghyun. Why?” Jessica asked.

“It’s nothing.”

“Do you like him?”


“He’s handsome, isn’t he?”


Few minutes after they welcomed me as SM Entertainment’s new artist and new member of Girls’ Generation, Jessica went to Jonghyun and whispered something. All artists left the conference room except Jonghyun, Jessica, and I.

Jessica told Jonghyun, “Take care of her.”

“Huh? Jessica? Don’t leave me.” I curiously said.

She suddenly left with smile on her face. I looked at Jonghyun’s eyes and asked, “Why are you staring at me like that?”

Jonghyun answered, “Nothing. But you’re so cute.”

“Huh? Well… Thank you.”

“Do you want some tea or coffee? I’ll treat you.”

“It’s up to you.”

Jonghyun and I went to Starbucks located at the ground floor of SM Entertainment’s building. I looked for a vacant seat as he ordered. When he served café latte espresso in front of me, I thanked him.

I asked, “What did you order?”

“Same with your order,” he replied.

“Ah.” I was speechless then.

He suddenly opened his mouth, “Eunkyo, right?”


“Do you have a boyfriend?”

I was surprised and replied, “I don’t have. Why did you ask that question all of a sudden?”

“Really? You’re so beautiful and yet you don’t have any.”

“Yeah. I got envy when I saw two people holding hands or having such public display of affection. I’m a certified NBSB – No Boyfriend Since Birth.”

“Oh. NBSB, huh?” He suddenly laughed.

I asked, “Why are you laughing?”

“Nothing. It’s just I learned something new from you.”


“Is it true that you’re from the Philippines?”


“Can you teach me how to speak in your language?”

“Huh? Sure.”

“How will I say ‘I like you’ in your language?”

“It’s ‘Gusto kita’. Gus-to-ki-ta.”

“Gus-to ki-ta. Gusto kita.”



We both smiled at each other. As we finished our espressos, he talked about his life as a SHINee member.

“Had you have fun?” Jonghyun smilingly asked.

“Yes,” I nervously answered.

We left Starbucks at around 8pm. I picked up my phone to call Jessica but he let my hand put down and said, “I’ll take you home. You’re living with Jessica, right?” I nodded.

We arrived at Jessica’s house. Jessica was waiting at the door, holding her phone. She noticed that we already arrived then immediately opened the gate. She thanked him and he replied, “No problem.” He looked at me and smiled. “Uhm… Can I leave you for a minute? I think…” Jessica said as I stopped her, “No need.” He continued staring at me as I noticed, “Now, you can go home. Thank you,” He left after he said goodbye.

“Hey, what happened?” Jessica suddenly asked.

“We went to Starbucks to have some coffee time and talked about our own lives,” I honestly answered.

“Oh. So, have you eaten dinner yet?”

“Not yet.”

“C’mon, let’s eat. I also haven’t eaten yet because I’m waiting for you.”

We ate dinner at almost 9pm. Then we watched a movie titled “What’s Your Number.” We went upstairs at around 12:30am and took a good-night sleep. 

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