We’re returned to Korea after full-packed two months in doing album promotions. I received a call from our manager. He said that I’ll come to the conference room at around 10am on the next day for a meeting.

On the next day, I arrived at the conference room around 10 minutes before 10am. I opened the door and I was surprised that my manager and the brand managers of three products were inside. I took a seat and introduced myself. My manager introduced them one-by-one, from left to right. Each brand manager was from Etude House, Samsung, and Jestina respectively. Without a doubt, I agreed and I will sign a one-year contract with them very soon. They set consecutive a three-day schedule of contract signing. I was very happy and thankful that they chose me as their brand ambassador. After the contract signing, I met the staff who will shoot my series of TV advertisements. They gave me three storyboards of each brand. I became excited because this will be my small screen debut.

Samsung was the first endorsement that I'm going to shoot a TV commercial for two days plus a day for photoshoot. Then Jestina was the second one for three days of photoshoot. I only took some solo and group shots together with the other members of Girls' Generation, carrying elegant bags from Jestina. Lastly, it was the Etude House. I loved the brand's color: pink! But, it was surprise when the handsome boys of SHINee also included in the shoot. It was fun doing it and I became closer with them, especially Jonghyun. We took almost a week to finish both video and photo shoots.

After the last shooting day, SHINee invited me to join them for a dinner. It's their treat so I went with them. We went to an Asian cuisine restaurant. They ordered what they crave and I ordered what I want to eat. I thanked them. Taemin, Minho, Key, and Onew needed to leave few minutes after we finished eating. Jonghyun and I nodded. Then they said goodbye and left.

Jonghyun smiled at me and so as I. I still felt awkward like I was with him few months ago.

"So," he started to open his mouth and said a word.

I repeated what he just said, "So..."

"How's your life being an SM Town artist?"

"Well, it's very tiring but it's fun because I love what I do."

"Good to hear that. You look more beautiful than the day I've first met you."

"Oh. Thank you."

"Are you dating someone already?"

"Huh?" I pretended that I didn't hear his question. I paused for a moment. He's waiting for a reply but I didn't answer. Instead, I asked him, "And why?"

"Let's date."

"Oh... Are you serious?"


I slowly smiled and asked again, "What's your reason why do you want to date me?"



"Gusto kita."

"Ah... That's why you want to know what's the Tagalog of 'I like you'. Wait... Honestly, you like me?"


"Oh..." I paused for a moment and continued, "Actually, I'm starting to like you."

"So that means..."

"That means yes, you can date me."

He made a big smile infront of me. It seemed he's very happy. After we left the restaurant, he took me home by riding his car. I arrived home 30 minutes after 10pm. I opened the door and saw Jessica watching TV. She asked, "Where had you been?"

"TV advertisement shooting," I honestly answered.

"Oh..." She ran towards me and said, "I saw Jonghyun's car. Do I need to know something what's going on?"

"But I want to know why you are asking that question."

 "Because I have a strong feeling," Jessica thought for a minute and continued, "that you are dating."

I stopped for a moment and nervously answered, "I'm with his group, SHINee in Etude House advertisement shoot. After the shoot wrapped up, we went to a restaurant for dinner. He took initiative to take me home. That's all."

"Oh... So that's it?"


"Oh, I see."

I felt some relief. I'll say to her if I'm ready, but not now. So we went to our room and took some good night sleep.

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