Next a couple of days, I entered at the building of MTV Korea. Employees and guests greeted me, “Hey! It’s Jung Eunkyo!” I was surprised that they recognized me that easily. Well, I arrived early so I gave time to take a picture with them plus my autograph signature on paper. I thanked them and I proceeded to fifth floor where I’ll shoot my new show. I taped 4 episodes. The show will run for only 30 minutes, once a week. Also, I met two staff from MTV Asia who arrived from Singapore a couple of days ago to shoot my reality show.

Before I began shooting for my first drama, I had started to research the role which the production and director gave to me by watching the original version. In fact, Fahrenheit's Calvin Chen and Aaron Yan were in that drama. I liked the role, at the same time I felt nervous because I had to keep in mind that I should do my best to give justice in that role. It was an SM Entertainment production. But I had no idea who were the other cast. I was hoping that majority would be from SM Town Entertainment. Weeks after studying my role, I was so excited when I found out that we are starting to shoot in few days. 

I went to the venue set on time and surprised with I had seen. The director approached me and greeted, "Good morning, Eunkyo! You're surprised, aren't you?" I nervously nodded. He gave me a list of star-studded cast and their characters:

Jung Eunkyo as Lee Taeeun (Hu Xiao Feng)

Kim Jonghyun as Shin Daehyun (Xing Da Ye)

Kim Ryeowook as Shin Hyunsu (Xing Yi Cheng)

Jessica Jung as Yoora (Qiu Ying)

Sungmin as Iseul (Ah Ji)

BoA Kwon as Lee Eunkyung (Xiao Yun)

Tiffany as Soomin (Da Lin)

Kim Taeyeon as Heeyoung (Xiao Sen)

I was very happy that I'm going to work with my seniors in the agency. As much as possible, I must not feel awkward. The whole shooting period was fun. I became closer with the cast and the production crew, most especially with my boyfriend who was my leading man in this drama. Just what like Jessica had felt before, the other cast seemed to feel that Jonghyun and I are dating. After the drama wrapped up, senior BoA stood up and told Jonghyun and me to answer with all honesty. 

"Please answer my question truthfully because we noticed that there's something going on between the both of you which caught our attention. Jonghyun, is Eunkyo your girlfriend? And Eunkyo, is Jonghyun your boyfriend?"

Jessica suddenly followed BoA's question, "Are you both dating?"

They all strangely looked at us. Then Jonghyun looked at me as I also looked at him. I whispered to him, "Do you think we should tell them the truth?" And he nodded.

"Before we answer BoA's and Jessica's questions, can you promise to us that you shouldn't tell publicly about this? As soon as the rumors came out and we are ready to reveal it, we gonna tell the public."

They answered in chorus, "Okay."

"One, two, three... YES!"

They yelled and smiled with what they've heard. Tiffany asked, "How many months since you started dating?"

"Almost 10 months," Jonghyun answered. 

"WOW! This would be Jonghyun's longest relationship so far," Sungmin said.

I asked Sungmin, "Huh? What do you mean? Had Jonghyun have a girlfriend before?"

"Yes. Her name is Sung Sekyung. They had nine-month relationship," Ryeowook replied.

"Is she beautiful?" I suddenly asked. Sungmin and Ryeowook both nodded. I looked at Jonghyun and asked him, "Why didn't to tell me that before?" "It's already in the past and I had moved on," Jonghyun honestly answered. I said, "Oh..." I was speechless then. On the other hand, I was excited for my SMTown Concert to be held in Manila, Philippines.

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