Christian Bautista from the Philippines, Mario Maurer from Thailand, Taiwan’s and Korea’s F4 shared to their followers in Twitter that they had fun experience in shooting the second season of ‘Bring the Boys Out!’ and posted their own pictures with the series’ main cast.

But the rest felt different. When they went back to the hotel in Singapore, they had a serious conversation.

Yonghwa asked, “Is that Eunkyo?”

“Yes. But she uses the name Koreen Young,” Seohyun answered.

Calvin got surprised, “I can’t believe it!”

“Yeah. Me too,” Chun said.

BoA expressed, “Just be happy for her, whether we knew her as Eunkyo or the entire world noticed her as Koreen.”

“She’s right. We must support her,” Leeteuk told everyone.

Key suddenly asked Jonghyun, “Have you talk with her?”

Jonghyun nodded and narrated, “I asked her, ‘Do you remember me’ then she shook her head and asked me why. I was supposed to say, ‘I’m your boyfriend’ but I rather said, ‘Nothing’.”

“Maybe she has amnesia. Remember, her plane crashed, right?” Jessica exclaimed.

Taeyeon stood up, “We’re still hoping that she’ll remember about us, aren’t we?”

The artists agreed. BoA shouted, “She’s a global star that we’re proud of.”

“We’re very proud of who she is right now,” Jonghyun stated in tears. 

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