Chapter 23: Meet My Dad, Jonghyun

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“Why?” I suddenly asked the CEO.

Jonghyun answered, “Because I’ll be preparing for SHINee’s comeback in few weeks.”

“Oh. Ok, fine. I’ll be taking a vacation in Manila and Los Angeles as you wish,” I answered.

Jonghyun was surprised, “Wait… Los Angeles? Why in America?”

“It’s because my relatives in my father side are living there,” I replied.

Key and Onew helped Jonghyun while Jessica and Krystal helped me in packing up our clothes in our own luggage. We thanked them for their help. I asked the Jung sisters what they want as I get back in Korea and they answered, “Any souvenir from the Philippines.” I answered, “Ok.”

Jonghyun and I went to Seoul Incheon International Airport on time. We prepared our luggage, passport and plane ticket to Manila. The flight departed at exactly 12:07am. We arrived just in time at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. He’s very excited and nervous at the same time to meet my dad.

We took a taxi cab to Gosiengfiao’s mansion located in Makati City. Jonghyun was surprised, “I didn’t know your family is rich.” I said, “Yeah. My dad owns the Asia’s most successful music label company.”

“Oh,” Jonghyun still speechless of what he had seen.

I called the house taker and asked her, “Yaya, where’s my dad?”

“He’s still in the office, Ma’am,” she replied.

“Oh. Do we have another room for him?”

“Yes. He can use the guest room near your bedroom.”

“Thanks, Yaya. By the way, his name is Kim Jonghyun, my boyfriend.”

“Oh. Hi! I’m Lia, the house taker and the nanny of Christina,” the house taker introduced.

Jonghyun got confused, “Christina?”

“Yes, your girlfriend. That’s her real name,” she answered.

“Oh! Yeah…” Jonghyun just laughed silently.

I gave Jonghyun a tour in our mansion. He was amazed because of its interior design in every room was detailed with expensive wall paintings and elegant furniture.

“Your house is very big but how many people live here?” Jonghyun asked.

I replied, “Hmm… Let’s see… Four maids, two drivers, Yaya, Dad, and me… A total of 9 people live here.”

Exactly 6:30pm Dad arrived from work. He was surprised that his daughter was here. He hugged me tightly. He saw Jonghyun smiling. Jonghyun bowed his head.

Jonghyun introduced himself, “Hi, Sir. I’m Kim Jonghyun. I’m a member of SHINee and your daughter’s boyfriend.”     

“Oh. Hi. I’m Christina’s dad. Nice to meet you,” Dad grinned to Jonghyun. Then he told me in a soft voice, “He’s handsome, huh?”

“So?” I stared to Dad with my puppy-looking eyes. He nodded confidently and told Jonghyun, “Just take care of my daughter. Don’t let her cry.”

“YES SIR!” Jonghyun loudly answered. Dad and I laughed. We took a delicious dinner together. I missed Filipino cuisine so much. Pork chicken adobo, kare-kare, and sinigang na bangus were the main dishes on the table. Jonghyun tried all these and he said that the food is very delicious. I smiled at him, “There are more Filipino dishes to come in the next couple of weeks.”

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