The press conference of Maid Sama had started. The cast were here and ready to answer all the questions from the lovely reporters. Jonghyun and I were nervous. One of the reporters asked, “This question is for Jonghyun and Eunkyo. We’ve seen a lot of pictures from your fans that there’s something special between the both of you: you’re showing affection to each other by holding hands and kissing each other’s cheek. Are you dating?”

Jonghyun stared at me as I stared at him, and both nodded. He honestly replied, “Yes. We’re both dating.”

All reporters and the other cast were shocked with what had Jonghyun answered. The reporter who asked us had raised another question, “How many months?”

“It’s more than two years. My relationship with Eunkyo is the longest among the girls I’ve dated. And I’m happy to be with her.” Jonghyun answered. I added, “Actually he’s my first boyfriend and I’m hoping that he’ll be my partner for the rest of my life.”

The press conference ended just in time. The nervousness that Jonghyun and I felt was gone. As we expected, the news online and on TV went wild. The Blingers (Jonghyun’s fanclub) and Kyosplayers (my fanclub) were happy with what they had heard. Some Blingers couldn’t accept that Jonghyun had a girlfriend. Well, they had no choice but to accept it and be happy that Jonghyun was happy.

Maid Sama started airing and received a lot of love from viewers and fans. After a month, We Got Married began to air. Fans and loyal viewers loved the season. The drama aired in 5 months and the reality-variety show took 7 months.

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