Few months had passed that I’ve been busy as a new member of Girls’ Generation. We were busy recording new tracks on our new album, doing album photo-shoots, rehearsing dance choreography, and shooting for our latest music video. Rumors came out that the large scale girl group has a new member but SM Entertainment didn’t release confirmation regarding the issue. After months of preparing the group’s comeback, a statement had released from SM Entertainment that Girls’ Generation has a new member. International SONEs and other K-Pop fans were excited not only for the girls’ comeback but also to meet the new member. Reporters from TV, online, and print media gathered together in a press conference few weeks after SM Entertainment announced the issue. I was nervous because I don’t know what will be their reaction if the newest member was a non-Korean. The girls noticed me and hugged me. Then Jessica said, “You can do it! Don’t worry, we’re just here.” Other girls agreed and I thanked them for support.

The MC started the press conference and called us. We entered with sweet smiles and wore elegant dresses. Then we greeted the press and we seated. Taeyeon introduced me as a new member of Girls’ Generation. I stood up and greeted them both in Korean and English, “Hello! My name is Jung Eunkyo and I’m the new member of Girls’ Generation.” The press started to ask one-by-one. Majority of the questions were to be answered by me. Because of language difficulty, Tiffany translated the questions in English and Jessica translated my answers in Korean. The press conference ended for almost one hour.My nervousness was gone when our manager said, “Good job, girls!” We thanked our manager for his support. Exactly two weeks after the conference, finally our new song released online. Few days after, it was playing in radio stations and our latest music video premiered in MTV and Channel V. Our latest album was released two weeks after. It even reached first place in major record stores in Korea few days since its album release. After that, we were invited to perform in live Korean shows: The M! Countdown, Ingikayo, Simply K-Pop, and Music Bank. Then, I accepted Arirang TV’s invitation for an exclusive interview with Showbiz Korea host and radio DJ Adrien Lee. 

Adrien: Here in Showbiz Korea, it’s my pleasure to interview the new member of Girls’ Generation. Please welcome, the pretty Jung Eunkyo.

Me: Hello, Arirang TV!

Adrien: How was your life before Girls’ Generation?

Me: I described it as a meaningful life as a heiress of my dad’s business in the Philippines.

Adrien: What’s your nationality?

Me: I’m a half-Filipino, half-Chinese.

Adrien: When you were training in SM Academy, you had a duet with CNBlue's Jung Yonghwa in a performance. How was the experience?

Me: Actually, I wasn't familiar with him that he is a popular member of a group. But he's a great guy. It was a great experience that I performed with him and it's very memorable. I hope we will work again in the future.

Adrien: Now, as a new member of Girls’ Generation, what were the changes?

Me: Well, I have a lot of Korean friends and earning money, of course.

Adrien: (laughs) Ok. Among all the members, who is the closest?

Me: It’s Jessica because I’m currently residing in her house.

Adrien: Have you met your other co-label mates in SM Entertainment?

Me: Yes.

Adrien: Who among them do you want to collaborate?

Me: That’s a very hard question. If I would have given a chance, I want to collaborate with Super Junior, SHINee, or BoA. 

Adrien: A lot of male viewers wants to know if you are single or in a relationship. What is your current status when it comes to your love life?

Me: (laughs) Actually, I’m single but I’m not ready yet in a relationship. Let’s see, maybe soon, when I’m already used in entertainment industry.

Adrien: Besides singing, do you want to pursue acting or hosting?

Me: Both. I want to have my own show and own drama as well.

Adrien: What kind of show you want to host? And, what role do you want in a drama?

Me: That’s a very hard question. Any role would do, either protagonist or antagonist, at least the viewers impressed my skills in acting. When it comes to hosting, I would prefer infotainment music shows.

Adrien: Who do you want to be your first male lead?

Me: That’s a tough question for me. My choices would be SHINee’s Kim Jonghyun , Super Junior’s Choi Siwon or Kim Ryeowook.

Adrien: Thank you, Eunkyo.

Me: You’re welcome, Adrien. Also thank you.     

After our album promotions in Korea, we went to Japan and other selected international countries for the continuation of promoting the song and the album. I had fun touring and meeting international fans. As a good result, they accepted me as a new member of the group even though I’m not Korean. One of the memorable was when MTV Taiwan invited us to appear in MTV Ri Han Yin Yue Feng. I had two appearances in the show: one was I’m with the girls and the other was I’m with the host for an exclusive interview. I was happy that I saw Calvin again after almost 2 years since we’ve met. He recognized that I’m still wearing the necklace that his mother gave to me. From behind the camera, I saw the sweetness between Jessica and him. Instead of being jealous, I rather smiled as a sign that I’m happy for them.  

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