Jessica opened the door. Siwon carried my luggage to her room. She thanked him. He left the house.

“Have you already eaten dinner?” Jessica asked. I nodded. She said, “That’s good. I also ate dinner.”

I asked, “Are you living alone?” She shook and said, “My sister currently lives here with me. She’s a member of f(X). Her name is Krystal. She’s currently in Japan to continue their promotions as a group. They’ll be back in few weeks. Actually, my parents lived here in the past. They migrated to the U.S. five years ago. They’re currently living in California. I’m their only child. Anyway, from now on, you’re my new sister though we’re really not. We’ll be best of friends.”

I felt happy when she said that. She asked again, “How did you feel that you’re finally a member of Girls’ Generation?”

“Of course I’m happy. I can’t believe that I’m starting to live my dream.” I honestly answered.

“Nice. Well, we watched your performances when you’re still in SM Academy and you’re an awesome entertainer. Hmm… I think you and Yonghwa are compatible on stage.”

“Really? By the way, how did you know him?”

“Well, I rarely see him in Korean TV shows. Though we are from different talent managements, we are friends. Anyway, tell me about your contract.”

“Aside from activities as a part of the group, I will be having four dramas, three endorsements and a show. Four dramas would be adaptation from anime series and Taiwanese idol dramas. I don’t have any idea what brands I’ll endorse. Regarding my own show, it’ll be a live musical variety show.”

“Woah… That was a lot! Good luck on your upcoming projects. Hope we’ll work together soon.”

“We will be working together!”

“No! That’s not what I mean. I mean, hope we will be working together in a drama.”


We laughed. She noticed that I’m wearing a necklace. “You have a nice necklace. Who did give you that?”

“This? Well, my friend’s mother gave this to me before arriving in Seoul. She said that it’s one of her favorite necklaces.”

“Oh. But where’s your mother?”

“She died in a car accident when I was young.”

“My gosh! I’m very sorry.”

“It’s okay. Uhm… Can I ask you something?”

“Oh. Sure. What’s your question?”

 I cleared my throat, sighed, and continued, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

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