After doing TV projects consecutively, it’s time to record an album. SMTown Entertainment wanted me to have my own solo album. I was so excited and they let me choose songs from their list. Other members of Girls’ Generation were glad and promised to support me from its release.

Days after, I chose a total of 7 songs. I took time to study the songs and record them. The resident choreographer of the agency taught me the dance steps of the song I’ll release. Then I had been shooting a total of 3 music videos for almost 3 weeks. The third music video was very special because Jonghyun participated as my male lead. After that, I had a photo-shoot for the album cover. I wore different costumes from famous anime series like Sailor Venus (Sailormoon), Sakura (Naruto), and Miaka (Fushigi Yuugi).

은쿄: Cosplay Effect

1. Cosplay Effect

2. Kitana은 내 이름 (Kitana Is My Name)

3. 닌자 공주 (Ninja Princess)

4. 나는 미소녀 (I Am a Bishojo)

5. 만화 이야기 (Manga Story)

6. 애니메이션 스타일의 사랑 (Anime Style of Love)

7. 도쿄 로맨스 (Tokyo Romance)

Few days before the official release of my first music video teaser and the full-length video as a solo artist, SM Entertainment publicly announced by giving a hint that a member of Girls’ Generation will be having a solo album. SONEs had no idea which among the members but they had two guesses: Jessica or Eunkyo? After a week, SM Entertainment officially released the music video teaser on their YouTube channel. They hadn’t given another clue on who’s the girl in the music video. SONEs strongly believed that it was me. Ten days after, the ‘Cosplay Effect’ MV had been released thru SM’s YouTube channel. In just one day, my music video had 1.5 million views. I thanked all SONEs especially Kyosplayers who watched the MV on YouTube via Twitter. My first solo album was launched 5 days after. It was just sold for almost 100,000 units on the first day of its release.

I performed the songs ‘Kitana Is My Name’ and ‘Cosplay Effect’ in Mnet Countdown, Music Bank, and Music Core after the official release of my MV. I was nervous because it was my first performance as a solo artist. Few SM artists went to K-Chart programs respectively to show support: SHINee on Mnet Countdown; Ryeowook, Sungmin, and BoA on Music Bank; and Girls’ Generation on Music Core. A week after I had a debut performance as a solo artist, I was surprised that I’m competing with Juniel at number one in all K-Charts. And I won! I thanked all the SONEs especially Kyosplayers for their support. My song went number 1 on 5 consecutive weeks. I had a farewell performance on the 7th week wherein my song became number 2 and the new number 1 went to 2NE1.

According to Gaon Chart, I topped all categories for a month. Plus the video aired in MTV and other music channels in Asia. Fans voted for it and it rocked in various charts. Few weeks after, SM Entertainment distributed my album in different countries such as Taiwan and the Philippines. Also they announced that I will be releasing my first Japanese solo album with same name. Some record outlets organized an album launch in cooperation with SONEs and Kyosplayers. Their admins prepared a 10-minute video of fans’ photos with my album they purchased. I received CDs from different Asian countries. Each CD contains pictures and video from fans. I posted a tweet to thank all the Asian fans who bought my album.

Because of this success, I was dubbed as “Little BoA” by the press but majority of the fans wanted to call me as the “Princess of Korean pop music”. I was flattered and at first I was not used to it.

Two months after I released my own album, I received 4 platinum record awards from the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. With the help of Jonghyun taking photos as I hold each platinum record award and tweeted it on Twitter. I had tears of joy then Jonghyun hugged me tightly and whispered, “Congratulations! I’m very proud of you.”

“Thank you. But I remembered something. Today is our 3rd anniversary, right?” I asked. He nodded. He blindfolded me and guided me to a romantic place. As we arrived at the place, I removed the blindfold and saw Onew, Taemin, and Minho holding the poster: “Happy 3rd anniversary”. Key became the personal waiter. I silently laughed at them then seriously thanked Jonghyun and the others for the effort in putting up a romantic place in spite of their busy schedule.

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