Calvin noticed that I’m wearing one of his mom’s precious necklaces. He suddenly asked, “Why are you wearing my mom’s necklace?” “Your mom gave this to me. I promise that I’ll take care of it,” I honestly replied as we arrived at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. He didn’t go down in the car but he told the airport’s luggage assistant to put down my luggage and accompany me. The assistant did what he was just told and received his tip from Calvin. I thanked him with a smile as his car left the airport. I deeply breathe and said to myself, “Thank you and goodbye, Taipei. You had touched my heart. See you again soon.”

A new day had come. It was my first day in Seoul. The airplane arrived on time. I left Seoul Incheon International Airport when I had taken a taxi cab to a hotel near the venue’s address.

I arrived at the hotel lobby and looked for their information area. I walked towards the female receptionist and asked for a vacant room. I told her that I was invited to attend the seminar. She gave me a keycard. I asked her, “Do I need to pay the accommodation fee now?” “No need. The company paid it,” she answered. I asked again, “Was it my father’s company?” She nodded.

I took an elevator from ground floor to seventh floor. I was looking for room number 727. I found the door with the same number. I swiped the card to enter the room. I felt happy with what I’d seen: soft and comfortable bed, flat-screen LED TV, expensive bathroom and a nice balcony to see the beauty of Seoul. I texted my father that I already arrived in Seoul and said apology that I didn’t do that when I arrived in Taipei three days ago.

I opened my iPad and checked if I can surf the net by using the hotel’s wi-fi. I checked my email and updated my Twitter account. My dad called me to have a video chat by using Skype. We had a nice conversation. I told stories, starting from my visit in Taipei until my arrival in Seoul. After almost an hour and a half, we ended the video chat. I had a good night sleep from a tiring flight after I took a shower and wore comfortable clothes.

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