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I walk onto the abandoned street. It was 6am and the city of Magnolia was still bustling with life. That's what I loved about it.

I'd go on walks like these often to calm my mind, but now I'm just trying to avoid everything; my life, my job, my relationship. It just seemed to be all crashing down.

I found myself in a familiar ally. I always came here when I wanted to get my mind off of things. Maybe if I just sit here for awhile, no one would find me...

"Well, look at what we have here..." I hear a voice from beside me. I look up and see Sting Eucliffe, the leader of Sabertooth, and his cousin Rouge Cheney.

"We were about to go to your building to find you, but I guess that's not necessary." Sting smirks. "What do you want.." I snarl at him. I'm not exactly in the mood to deal with him. "We want the Heartfillia girl. Mr. Heartfillia has been quite angry that his daughter ran away, so we came to fetch her." Rouge explains.

"Your not getting her. Plain and simple."

"I guess we'll have to do this the hard way." Sting attempts punches me. I catch his fist. "Come on. You really thought you could attack the leader of the strongest Mafia just like that? Get out of my face." I push Sting back, hitting the brick wall. "You bastard!"

The fight goes on for awhile before I realize, Rouge is just watching. They were probably waiting for the perfect opportunity when I'm open so that Rouge could strike me down. It was a good plan, but not enough for me.

Sure enough, Rouge tries to attack. I turn to him quickly to dodge; but when I do, Sting takes the opportunity to inject me with something while I'm open. I try to push him away, but it's too late; he got me.

I distance myself from them, holding my injected arm. I snarl at the pair, who are laughing sinisterly.

"Wha... what did you do." I stumble around before falling back. "Nothing, just a little immobilizer, and a pain enhancer while we were at it..." Sting laughs. I glare at him. "C-coward..."

He kicks my stomach. "I'd suggest you stop calling me names and start answering what I'm going to ask you." I can't tell he's already angry, and we haven't gotten to the most frustrating part. This is going to be fun.

"Good Luck with that, because I'm not telling you anything." I snarl back. He smirks. "We'll see about that, the fun is just beginning." He pulls out a knife to try and scare me, but I laugh at him.

"Indeed it has."


The pair tortured me for who knows how long. I couldn't move, so all I could to was take the hits, which wasn't a lot. Well that is until they brought out a knife.

They've been pretty resilient with punishing me. I haven't given them any information on Lucy though, and I can hear from the tone of their voice that it's slowly pissing them off.

"How does it feel that you'll die here? Pretty sad, right?" Sting smirks. "And all you had to do was give up Ms. Heartfillia. What a shame. We'll just have to ask them when we drop off your dead body." I chuckle. "Good luck with that... it'll be hard since they don't know where she is." Sting looses it. He then kicks me in the stomach, causing me to spit up some blood. I make a face. I was trying to hold the pain in, but it was starting to get a little much. Maybe Sting is right, maybe I am going to die here. 

"I wonder how your gang would feel if I sent them a box with your head in it? Then they'll definitely be scared..." Sting chuckles. I try to take in my surroundings, but the area is way too blurry. I see something shiny in the corner, a knife. The knife. Did they really leave it out there? I shake my head internally. Now is not the time to be questioning things.

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