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Natsu's POV

"Right now, all the staff are arriving and sneaking some breakfast from the kitchen before Mr. Heartfillia wakes up. There are, however, two guards that are always at the front gates. It doesn't take much to defeat them at this point in time because of the low energy they have from staying all night; so coming through the front wouldn't be hard. However, wherever Mr. Heartfillia is, that will be the hardest place to access." Lucy explains through the mic.

"The heat signals on the map show that Mr. Heartfillia is in fact in his room. So going through the front gate would be the best option." Levy concludes. I nod, taking in all the information. "What's our first course of action, Flame-Brain?" Gray asks. I look up at the building.

"Storm it.


Sure enough, we take out the guys at the front pretty easily as Lucy and Levy said. Once we get to the door, Gajeel just kicks it open. Everyone facepalms, well, except for me. I grin and reach to acknowledge him, before someone knocks me out. It was Jellal.

"Sorry, but Erza told me to do this if you get carried away..." I shiver at the mention of Titania's name. It wasn't too long before Gajeel got the message and tried to apologize, but it was too late. Jellal had hit him already. Gajeel cringes at the pain. "That hurt you Jerk!" He gathers himself and punches Jellal back. We end up brawling before someone catches us.

"Hey! What are you doing here?! This is private property!"The three of us stop and everyone else sighs.

So much for a silent entrance...

I'm the first the recoil out of the shock. I stand up and pat the dirt out of my clothes. "Oh really? We're sorry, we were just trying to prove a point. We'll be on our way." I smirk. The man pauses, confused. I turn around and count to three.


"H-hold on! You still haven't explained why your here?"


"And why is there such a large group?"


"Hey! I'm talking to-"


Before he could finish, he gets hit by a small dart. It happened so fast, most people could barely see it.

I used to play darts a lot as a kid, and it really came in handy. Especially when I go on missions.

I wait for a few moments before I hear a silent thud on the ground. I turn around to face the doors again. I walk back through my group and stop in-front of the door. I notice that no ones following me. "Well, what are you waiting for?" I ask, grinning. I continue moving before I hear someone from the group.

"...Remind me not to get on Natsu's bad side..."


We decide to break up into groups and we go to different areas. Right now, I'm fighting the guards blocking Jude's study; along with Gray.

We're fighting before I see Gray knock one over a guard. He turns to face me. "Now's your chance, go!" I nod and run down the hall.

I see double-doors at the end of the hallway. When I reach them, I kick them open.

Sure enough, I see someone I didn't want to see.

"Natsu, how nice of you to join us..." Mr. Heartfillia grins. I glare at him. "I'd like you to meet Dan Straight, my daughter's actual fiancé." He sneers.

At this point, it's taking everything in my power to not take him out right then and there. But I knew that if I did, I wouldn't put a complete end to his plans. I'd just make things worse.

I ball my fist and try to let go of some of my anger. "But of course, it's not like she had one anyways. Not to a nobody like you." He laughs along with that other guy, Dave?

"What do you want with her?" I ignore them. "And what is it to you? He's not going to tell you, I mean look at you! Pink hair? Who do you think you-" I interrupt his chucking as I send a dart his way. The brown haired weirdo falls almost instantly, leaving a shocked Heartfillia.

"Look, I don't have all day, so I would appreciate if you kept the talking to a minimum." He gets the message and clears his throat. "Unless I get the whereabouts of my daughter, I will not speak." He scoffs. I tsk. "Why do you even want her back? It's not like you treat her well." I counter back. "That doesn't matter. If I can use her for something, I'll do it." He hisses. I growl. "You don't deserve her."

"And you do?"

Dang, he got me there.

"Pathetic." He comes around the desk and walks up to me. "You're so obsessed with her that you didn't even realize your surroundings.." I turn around quickly and see that I'm surrounded by Mr. Heartfillia's guards.


"Your little friends have been taken out and it's just you. Your outnumbered, so I'd suggest you cooperate and tell me where my daughter is. That, or we'll have a big issue." The evil businessman smirks. I roll my eyes and feel the guards step closer. "I wont do it, don't even try." I snarl. "Too bad, I was hoping to do this the easy way too. What a shame." He pretends to pout.

The guards grab both of my arms. I struggle against them. "See you, Mr. Dragneel."

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