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"See you, Mr. Dragneel."

Just as the guards are about to pull me away, I feel my right arm being released. I take this opportunity to take out the other guard on my left, which leaves me completely free. I quickly turn around and see that Gray had taken out the guard on my right arm. He then looks at me. "Natsu! Hurry! The place is going to blow!" He exclaims. "What?" I was confused. Why would the house explode? We don't have any bombs, and we're the only ones attacking, unless...

I slowly turn around and face Mr. Heartfillia, who has a grin that seems like it's dripping with poison. "What did you do?!" I yell. He smirks. "Oh, just a little planting. My, was it expensive, but it was all worth it. Look at how it lined up."

"You would kill your own workers?!" Gray shouts from behind me. "They're nothing but human tools." Just like that, I felt my control slip.

I started to lunge at Mr. Heartfillia, but I then I see him pull out some sort of weapon. I look closer and see that it's a pocket knife. He quickly takes it out of his pocket and aims it at me. I jump just in time before it penetrates my skin. "Oh my, what a challenge we have here."

"Gray!" I alert my comrade, still facing Jude. "I want you to gather everyone and move as far away from the building as possible." I explain in a rushed tone. "What about you?" He asks. "I'll be fine! Just go! We don't need any casualties!" I feel Gray nod. "Yes Boss." His footsteps signal that he's gone. I turn to make sure he followed my directions.

I see that he has and turn back around, only to see Mr. Heartfillia about to attack with the same knife. I dodge it. Here we go...

We continue to fight for a good five minutes, which is surprising. For a selfish business man, he sure can hold his own. I guess you have to start somewhere.

He starts to speak up. "Your a tough one, you know that?" I glare at him. What is he up to?

I then see him run to an open window. "H-hey! Where are you going?!" He gets up and climbs into a helicopter waiting at the window. "Coward! You-" There must be a sniper in the helicopter because I'm cut off my a bullet that lodges in my right shoulder. I stumble and fall back, gripping my shoulder.

"Thanks to you, I was never able to sell off my daughter. All that money I lost.." he balls his fist. "But it's okay, you can have her. She was useless anyways. Well, that's if you survive." He laughs as the door shuts and the helicopter moves away. Crap.


I groan as I slowly inch the bullet out of my arm. I was still in the office. Not only was my right shoulder bleeding and aching, but my body had finally registered all the energy that I'd put into the fight and was now causing all my other injuries to double in pain. I couldn't ignore it anymore, it was too much.

But I couldn't stay here, I had to try and escape. For Lucy. For my mafia. I had to survive.

I slowly stood up and moved towards the doors. I then gathered the energy to push them. When they did open, I was shocked.

There was a fire.

This just made exiting a whole lot harder.

I sighed as I inched closer to the staircase. For the most part the mansion was completely empty. "It seems like everyone had escaped, that's one less thing to worry about." I say to myself.

I was about to reach the first step when a strange pain went through my leg, causing me to fall. That was it. I had used the last of my energy.

So this is how it ends, huh? I guess it is true, your born alone and you die alone too. I look around me. I'm almost surrounded by flames. It's funny, fire always used to excite me as a kid; I even used to play with it. I still remember every story behind my burn marks; in fact I try to embrace it. 'It's what makes you you' as my father would always remind him. I guess I'll be seeing him soon.

Dang! I'm such an idiot! I should've put my pride aside and just gotten a proper treatment. Maybe then I wouldn't be in this situation. Maybe Erza is right.


I'll never get to see her again. She won't be able to break up any fights that I start, or put me in place. She won't punish Gray and I.


I won't get to see him either.

Yeah we fight a lot and call each other names; but he's been my friend since day one. He's like a third brother to me. One that I've grown up with and shared moments that are both good and bad. I wonder how he'll cope.

And then there's Lucy. Heh, I remember when I first met her. She seemed like a stuck up brat who only cared about school and business, when really she was just a small girl who was being controlled and abused. She was manipulated and didn't know a way out.

Fairy Tail still doesn't know who she really is yet. I just hope that they treat her well and take care of her, and that she feels comfortable. I really just want her to be happy.

Who am I kidding? She has Levy! She'll definitely make sure that she's treated well. I mean she might look small, but she can be intimidating when she needs to be. Lucy can too. I know she'll be fine, but I just can't bring myself to say goodbye.

The flames grow closer to me, and I hear a gentle beeping in the background.

Goodbye everyone. I'm sorry.

I hope you find happiness.


Lucy's POV

"Has everyone been accounted for?" I ask. "Yeah, we should be good...." Jellal answers on the other line. I sigh. This job wasn't as easy as it seemed, and I wasn't sure if it would work. Father always had something up his sleeve. Right now, everyone's taking a breather and Levy's on her break. I'm just glad that it's over. I was about to speak when I hear Juvia. "Wait. Where's Natsu?"

My heart drops. That's right! I haven't heard from him since he turned his mic off! I hear Gray in the background. "Last I saw him he was fighting Mr. Jude. He said to go and that he'd find his own way out." My eyes widen. "I hope he's okay, the place just exploded. I could hear it." I shake my head. No way.

"Hey, I'll get back to you guys soon." I end the call and switch to Natsu's line. "Natsu?! Hello?" No response. "Natsu! Answer me! I-it's important!" Still no response. "You can't be gone! You have a whole mafia to lead, and.. and..." I trail off, holding back tears.

"You promised me..."

I had yelled my heart out, but the only thing that had came back was a dead line. I cover my mouth, my eyes watering.

The door bursts open and I see a worried Levy. "Luc- Lucinda?! Is everything okay?!" She walks in frantically. I turn around. "Levy..." I take a deep breath as Levy panics. "What's going on?! What happened?!"

"Natsu.. he.. h-he.." I choke on my words, still not believing what happened.

"What about Natsu?! What happened to him?!" She replies with urgency.

"...His line is dead..."

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