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Natsu's POV

1 year later....

I slowly open the door of our house, trying be as discrete as possible. When I walk in, the house is completely dark. I silently cheer as I turn around to close the door. I lock the door and turn around. Almost instantly, the lights switch on leaving me exposed. I hiss as the light blinds me. I rub my eyes, and look for the culprit. Sure enough, my wife was standing at the light switch. Arms crossed, eyes tired, and hair tangled. Even so, she still looked perfect to me.

"Natsu? What time is it?" Lucy asks coldly.

"Um.... 12... am?" I stretch out, trying to lessen my sentence.

"Idiot! It's 5am! Where have you been?" She hits me playfully. Happy sits next to her legs protectively, as if he's siding with her. Lazy bastard. I'm lucky that she's tired, or else I would've seriously been in pain. "I'm sorry! I was working and fell asleep in my office for a few minutes, and by the time I woke up I was..."

I see Lucy wobbling around with her eyelids drooping. I narrow my eyes at her. "You didn't sleep, did you?" I suggested. She nods her head. "I couldn't, I was waiting for you." she pouts. I sigh. "You could've just slept, I'd come home." I pick her up bridal style and walk towards our room.

I laid her down gently before taking off my shirt and my shoes. I then climbed in the bed with her. She immediately snuggled against me. "Good night..." she mumbled into my chest.

"You mean good morning?"

"Don't even start."


I wake up to the ringing of my phone on the nearby night stand. I hesitantly let go of Lucy and turn to pick up my phone.

"Hello?" I say, groggily.

"Oi, Salamander! Where are you?" I hear Gajeels grumpy voice proclaim from the other line. "I was in bed until you called me." I say, rolling my eyes. Although Gajeel wouldn't know. "Oh ho ho~, getting freaky aren't you?" He teases me. "Relax you horn dog, I'm just sleeping."

"Sure you are. Anyways, when are you coming in?" He asks. "Why, is there something I have to do?" If I didn't have to show up, than I'd rather not. I'll take all the days off I could get. "No, it's just that your always here..." Gajeel says almost... sad?

"Well my agenda looked clear when I left... what time is it now?"


"Yeah, so about 9 hours ago I checked it. Nothing should've changed. Even so, I'm taking a day off today." Did he really call me just to say that?

"Alright... Wait, can I be in charge?"

"Go crazy."

"That's what I'm talking about! HEAR THAT WHIMPS?! BOSS PUT ME IN CHARGE TODAY!" He barks. I cringe and the sudden loud noise, and Lucy does too. I could tell by her sudden jolt. Why do I feel like I'm going to regret this?

"Well, if you don't mind, I'm going to enjoy my break now."

"See ya."

I hang up on him and put my phone back. Lucy turns around from her previous position and faces me. "Who was that?" She asks. "Gajeel. Called to see if I was coming today."

Lucy looked down. "Are you?"

I grinned and wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her closer.

"Nope! I'm staying home. All day."

Lucy grins at this.

"Just the two of us." I nod and lean in to kiss her forehead. She giggles.

"Peace at last."

"Don't Jinx it"

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