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Natsu's POV

I slam my head on my desk. Not only did I find out that Sabertooth was behind the attacks, but the spies also found letters that were meant to be sent out to me at their base. The letter held pictures of Lucy and I on our engagement night.

I was absolutely furious. They were on to me; which meant that Lucy was in trouble.

For the past few years, I've been working so hard to make sure that Lucy is comfortable and safe, but most importantly hidden. We were always cautious going out when we first escaped her fathers house; we had a right to be. There were posters of her everywhere, we would've been caught immediately.

But soon, as people do with almost every case, they forgot and moved on with their lives. It took a lot to get Lucy to be comfortable even looking out of the window, but I was able to convince her. It was like baby steps. She went from stepping outside to get some air, to running errands, to getting a job at a local publishing company. Of course, in order to get a job without too much question, she had to lie about her education. She said she was currently starting college, even though she had started at the age of 15, four years prior. It worked out though.

It took two full years for her to fully adjust to her new lifestyle, which was only two years ago. I remember once everything was cleared up and in order, she seemed so happy and content. We were at a good point at that time, that was until the Mafia work started picking up. Ever since then, I haven't really seen her smile much. And now with this being  a very risky threat, I'll probably be home even less. I know Lucy will be upset too.

I know I've been a jerk, I just have so much stress and don't know how to express it. I'm such a mess, huh?

I'm just glad that Gray, Gajeel, and Jellal left before I opened the letters.


Lucy's POV

I hear a door slam, which wakes me up.

"Natsu?" I say, as he stomps into the room. He turns when he sees me. "Oh, hey Luce." he mumbles. I look at him questionably. "What's wrong?" I ask. "It's nothing." He tsks. He finishes changing and sits on the bed, his back facing me. I prop myself up. "Natsu, look at me," I say, siting next to him. He slowly turns his head. I see anger in his features; his knotted brows, and fierce eyes that look like they could cut glass. "I told you it's nothing..." he frowns. "Natsu, what happened? You used to be so childish and carefree, I miss that..." I place my hand on his cheek. He looks at me and his features soften for a soft second, before he turns away. "Just forget about it."

He lies down, his back facing me. He's still tense, which shows he's obviously still upset over something, but I decided not to push it.

Over the 4 years of our relationship, I've learned to let some things be, especially when Natsu gets really mad. It's better to ask later. 

Even so, I didn't want to let him sit there alone. I wanted him to feel comfort. I wanted him to be loved. It's not just girls who need attention you know!

I wait for a few moments before wrapping my arms around him, internally comforting him. 

Why won't he tell me what's happening?

I just wanted to help.


Natsu left early this morning, so I didn't get the chance to see him. Something is seriously bothering him, but I can't tell what..

I sighed and slowly pushed myself out of bed, rubbing my eyes. I brushed my teeth, took a quick shower, and headed downstairs. I got out a box of cereal and poured it into my small bowl. I took out the milk and watched as it slowly penetrated the crunchy cereal. It kind of reminded me of my younger self. At school I used to be cold to other students who didn't care about their education. I also stayed to myself, I didn't really talk much to most people. Well, except for the 'bad boys'. I always tried to preach my agenda onto them, which I didn't understand why. 

But then I met Natsu, and he slowly started to make me feel soft and look at certain things in another way. I was so used to the single-minded thinking that my father forced into my head, that I didn't see the bigger picture. Natsu showed me, and boy was it surprising. 

I found myself more at ease with him, and would spend almost all my days with him. Even though we were 'just friends'. No one believed that for a second. Not even us. 

Then, when I graduated from college, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I still remember that moment so vividly. He was so shy for once, it was really cute. I, of course, said yes. But we decided to keep our relationship a secret, in hopes of my father not finding out or worse, 'teaching me a lesson'.

A few days later, I ran away with him. Times were rough then, I didn't have a job because of the bounties and newspapers on me. And Natsu was still in college, but he claimed he was in a program that let him get paid. I didn't know if he was struggling, because he never opens up to me, but we survived. I'm happy that I'm with him, but I don't know if it's one sided. Expecially with him always being out and away from home. I guess I'm overthinking things, right?

 I then began to eat, looking out of a nearby window. I watched the sun's rays slowly turn from a yellowish-orange to a nice light blue, reminiscing the good memories of our relationship. "I am overthinking..." I finally conclude, talking mostly to myself. "I just need to trust him, right Happy?" I smile at the light blue cat, nuzzling against my leg.


I'm at work and I still can't stop thinking about it. I know I'm being way too needy and cautious, but it's natural, right?

"Miss Lucinda? Are you alright?" a co-worker checks on me as I slump on my desk. "Yeah, I'm fine."


Please let me in...

I just want to help you...

....and love you...

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