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Natsu's POV

It was a cloudy morning. I was currently in bed texting my men, while Lucy was asleep next to me. Her head was snuggled into my bare chest and my arms were wrapped around her small frame. I was texting behind her back, quite literally. I didn't know if she was awake or not.


I found more evidence on the attack.

Go on.................

It was while the Thunder Gods
were on their mission. It happened
about 48 hours ago in the outskirts
of Clover.

Dang, that's close by.
Have any idea on the
people responsible?

Ask Ice Skull. He has most
of the                                                                                                                                     info on the attack.

I'm on my way.

See you.


I sighed as I put the phone down. Having attacks close by means that we might have another battle with another rivaling mafia. Yes, our mafia is one of the strongest because of our partnerships; but that doesn't stop smaller mafias from wanting to take us down. It's highly unlikely though.

Two years ago, The Redfox's, the Fernandez's, the Fullbuster's, and the Dragneel's combined companies to become one of the strongest mafias in the world. Our 4 mafias were already in partnerships because of close family ties, so we decided to make things official and benefit ourselves. The Dragneel's, being the strongest out of the four, then took over as the main boss. The other three, however, still have their branches under the Dragneel Mafia. To sum it up, the Fairy Tail partnership became a huge mafia that is run by the Dragneels. It's broken up into 4 branches, which were the four original leaders. It makes sense thinking about it.

"Natsu? Who are you texting?" I hear a sleepy voice from under me. "How'd you know?" I say, startled, but not surprised. Lucy is really smart after all. "Just some people from work. I have to get going now." I put my phone on the nightstand and stroked her golden-blonde hair. "But I just got up." Lucy pouts. "And you always come home so late..."

"I'll come on time this time, I promise." I kiss her forehead and get up. "Can you even stay for breakfast?" She asks. I shrug my shoulders. I change into black jeans and put on a loose gray button up shirt. After I finish, I see Lucy in the kitchen, eating what looks to be avocado toast. In front of her, there's another piece in a napkin. "Thanks, Luce." I grin at her, but she returns it with a pout. I frown.

"I tell you what, be ready to leave at 7pm." Her eyes light up at this statement. "Really?!" I grin shortly, before grimacing at her tight hug. "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I'm so excited!" I smile at her dorky-ness. "I know you are. See you later, alright?" Lucy nods happily and I give her one more kiss before leaving.


I'm going through paperwork when a tired Gray walks in. "Oi, Ice Skull. Why do you look so tired?" I ask. "It's Juvia, she's kept me up all night because its our '413th anniversary'. I don't even know what that means!" Gray frowns. I laugh at him. "Shut it Flame Brain. At least I have a girl. Your single." Gray tries to brag. I roll my eyes. "Sure, Ice Skull."

Yeah, no one knows about my relationship with Lucy. I've tried to keep it a secret to protect her. She's had it rough; her mother died at the age of 7 and her father neglected her. So, when she graduated college and her popularity died down, she ran away from home, registering under the name Lucinda Hope for everything.

I had known her since she was 16, and became her boyfriend when she was 18. I had already had a place to live, so I just let her stay with me. I feel like adding the struggles of being in a mafia would just add to her worries, so I didn't want that for her. I just wanted her to be happy. So yeah, keeping our relationship for 4 years and counting a secret was no problem.

"Anyways, do you have some info on who did it?" I ask Gray. He clears his throat. "Not exactly. We know that the person is partnering with one of our rivaling Mafias." Gray finishes.

"So it's not a Mafia?"

"It's both. From what we can gather, it's a partnership between a mafia and another small organization." Gray explains. "What's their goal?" I question. "We don't know yet." I pause in thought. Gray chuckles. "I'll let you be, Boss." Gray teases before leaving.

I sigh, running my fingers through my hair. This was going to be a lot to handle.


I finish my main work and call Touka into my office. "Yes, Boss?" Touka is my flirty secretary. She always flirts and tries to seduce me. She tried to put a date between us in my schedule once, that was really annoying. It's moments like these where I wish I announced that I wasn't single.

"Alright, set a meeting 2 days from now at 2pm. Notify all the heads of the 3 other branches." I command. "Okay, Natsu..." Touka bites her lip and winks, loosening her top a bit more. I'm taken aback at the use of my first name. No one calls me that but Lucy and the other leaders of the branches; whom I consider family. She walks away. "Oh, and by the way Touka, this is a work office not a strip club. Act like it, or your fired." Touka flinches at my sudden outburst. "Y-yes Boss."

As she silently shuffles away awkwardly, I check the clock. Crap, its 7:01. Lucy's gonna be so mad. I tell Touka over the intercom that I'm leaving, and travel to my makeshift room. It has a pull out bed, a small wardrobe, a bathroom, and a desk. The purpose of this room was for when I had to stay overnight to do extra work, but today I'm using it to get ready for the date I'm late for.

I finish eventually, and get into my car and speed home. When I get there I see a very upset Lucy, spying on me from through the partially-covered window. I honk my horn, signaling her to come outside. She steps outside, wearing a flowery strapped romper with a jean jacket. Her hair is down with a bit of curls at the end, and she carries a small black purse in her right hand. She reaches the car and sits down in the front seat crossing her arms. "It's 7:30, Natsu..." she pouts. "I never said I'd get their right at 7, I just said be ready by then." I smirk. Lucy rolls her eyes. "Key word Natsu, get ready to leave." I lift my hands in defeat. "Jeez Luce, just playing. I knew you would win anyways." I smile at her and she looks away, blushing. "Just drive."

"Yes Ma'am."

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