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The Mafia Boyfriend [✔️] by Autumn_Breeze19
The Mafia Boyfriend [✔️]by Queen Autumn
22 year old Lucy knows almost everything. She graduated college at the age of 18 due to smartness and is completely aware of almost everything in her life. Well, except...
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Lucy Heartfilia is new to the small, quaint beach town Fairy Tail Lagoon. She accidentally gets herself into the (in their eyes) best club to ever do it "Fairy Girl...
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Nalu mating season by casperella3
Nalu mating seasonby Casperella
Natsu is realizing sudden changes realizing he's in love with Lucy, wondering why all of a sudden this is happening. Will him and Lucy hit it off as destined partners or...
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Loving you is hard E.N.DLU  by GraceCat676
Loving you is hard E.N.DLU by Grace Cat
lucy is on her way to the Guild little does she know something has happened well she was gone... E.N.D is here for something.... or some one to get what is his and to...
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Nalu ~ Jealous by strawberrycakequeen1
Nalu ~ Jealousby BlueStorm
Natsu Dragneel loves Lucy Heartfilia, but tries to hurt her one day. As a result, she leaves the guild and goes to Sabertooth. Natsu sees Lucy again one fateful day, but...
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Nalu: That Damn Cat (completed) by mawsome99
Nalu: That Damn Cat (completed)by mawsome99
Happy loves Lucy like a mother. He wants Lucy to be his new mother. But Natsu, being the dense idiot he is, doesn't realise his feelings for the blonde. It's up to the d...
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Fairy Tail Halloween Love (nalu smutt) by LoLItsURgirl
Fairy Tail Halloween Love (nalu Nalu Lover
I'm embarrassed doing these things but I thought it would be fun
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The Demon King's Bride by MagentaStarr0
The Demon King's Brideby Magenta Starr
Princess Lucy Heartfilia was sold into slavery by her father, King Jude Heartfilia. But what will happen when the demon king buys her... I don't own fairy tail it any of...
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You'll soon be mine..  | Nalu // x reader by dogeisbaexix
You'll soon be mine.. | Nalu // ˗ˏˋNatsu & Grayˎˊ˗
• Lucy {or yourself} had a strong passion of hatred towards Natsu but since things glide along, yours and Natsu's relationship changes happily but with some circumstanc...
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Dragon mating season by livi1728
Dragon mating seasonby Potato
The adventures of nalu! I do not own fairytail I do not own the cover art Artist- unknown
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Lies ~Nalu Fanfic~ by half-of-a-heart
Lies ~Nalu Fanfic~by SomeoneWithDreams
My name is Lucy Heartfilia and I am a human lie detector. I have always been able to tell when people are lying, but it's not always a good thing. I detected a lie when...
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Nalu Doujinshi by Saricchi
Nalu Doujinshiby Saricchi
This will be short and long (idk) doujinshi of nalu.
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The Star Maiden (Fairy Tail Nalu Fanfiction) (Being Re-written) by BrunoMari155
The Star Maiden (Fairy Tail Nalu Bruno576
(A/N: I'm re-writing the story due to a bug and because I don't like how I wrote it originally.) Layla didn't need to use her life to open eclipse gate because Grammi ma...
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Fairy Tail Picture OneShots🐲 by All-da-comics
Fairy Tail Picture OneShots🐲by Sleepy Ash😎
I LOVE FAIRY TALE ITS LIKE ONE OF MY FAVORITE ANIMES IN THE WORLD😍 *breathes in and out* Sorry about that. This is just gonna be a bunch of one-shots mostly based on pi...
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NaLu One-shots by dara_dy
NaLu One-shotsby dy
NALU ONE-SHOTS BECAUSE WHY NOT? A Fairy Tail, Natsu and Lucy fanfiction. Fairy Tail is owned by Hiro Mashima entirely. Not me. I'm just a hardcore NaLu shipper so yeah...
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Heart of a monster by NaluNalu089
Heart of a monsterby Nalu Nalu
She was innocent. He was a sinner. She was weak. He was strong. She was kind. He was cruel. She was angel. He was a monster. She was abused. He was her protector. She wa...
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The Fairy Dragon Slayer  by Delta6611
The Fairy Dragon Slayer by Delta6611
This is my version of Lucy being an elemental dragon slayer but she is only a fairy dragon slayer because I think this ways she's not too OP,and I wanted to do something...
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Fire and Ice Strip Club (One Shots) [ON HOLD] by QueenLuceHeartfilia
Fire and Ice Strip Club (One Lemon Queen Luce
Natsu and Gray own a strip club together This is a 'One shots' book In the book will be: *Natsu X Reader *Gray X Reader *Natsu X Lucy *Gray X Juvia Feel free to request...
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Our Story | Nalu - Rewritten by catbug-
Our Story | Nalu - Rewrittenby elle
"You open your heart to this person, hoping they're the one that'll sweep you off your feet. But you're trying so hard to avoid the reality of just how badly they c...
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You're The One (Nalu AU Fanfiction) by Kawaii_Love_
You're The One (Nalu AU Fanfiction)by Kawaii desu~~
(ART IS NOT MINE! I MADE THE BACKGROUND AND THE TITLE) A girl whose mother died and the girl's father blamed her mother's death on her... A boy who heals the girl's hear...
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