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Its been 3 days. I've been getting along well with the others. The guys have left me alone for the most part and no one has asked me any questions. I chat with Mira every once and a while, but for the most part, I keep to myself. Erza has a newborn she takes care of and Wendy is busy learning how to become a doctor, so my options are limited to Mira. Even so, Mira tends to the bar regularly, so she's busy herself. I'm basically by myself, which I don't mind.

I hear a knock at the door. That must be Wendy coming to get me, I think. I unlock the door and open it. What I see shocks me.



"I haven't seen you in what feels like forever!" I squeal, crushing her in a hug. She returns the hug and smiles. "You seem happy, Lucy." she hints. I shake my head. "I've been so scared. Everything seems to be crashing down." Levy rubs my back. "It'll be okay." I relax into her hold. I was about to thank her when I notice something strange. "Levy?" I pull away.

"What is it?"

"You worked in a Mafia this whole time?" I furrow my eyebrows. Levy blushes. "N-no! Only recently! My boyfriend was a huge part of it, so he told me. I had to follow of course. But I don't do any bad stuff! I just do the hacking and mapping! The behind the scenes stuff, you know!" Levy rubs her head nervously. I raise my eyebrows. "Sure, Lev."

We take a seat on one of the couches. "What brings you here anyways? Did they find out?" Levy questions me. "No, to them I'm Lucinda." Levy sighs in relief. "If they know you're Lucinda, then why are you here?"

I take a deep breath.

"My fiancé is here."

"What?!" Levy blurted. "You had a fiancé! AND DIDN'T TELL ME!" Levy pouts. "And one of the meatheads downstairs is one of them?!" I sigh before nodding. "Who?!" Levy exclaims with a threatening glare.


Levy smirks. "So he really did man up after your graduation."

I blush at this statement. "Levy!" I hit her arm softly as she giggles.

We calm down before I continue. "As you probably know, he's not well right now."

Levy's face softens. "Oh, Lucy..." she puts a hand on my shoulder. "It all started when we got into a fight a few nights ago. It was about him being overprotective. He ended up leaving in the morning. I went out to go find him and apologize, but when I did, he.. he was.." I start to tear up. Levy notices this and rubs my shoulder. "You don't have to tell me this if its too painful." I shake my head. "I'm fine." I sniff before continuing.

"I found out everything. They were about to kill Natsu, Levy. Just because he wouldn't tell them where I was. I would've never gotten the opportunity to apologize..." I breathe, calming my nerves. "Anyways, before he could be killed, he impaled the black haired man. They ran away after that." Levy nods. "I ran to him after that. I tried to delay the bleeding as much as I could, but there was just so much blood." I closed my eyes before continuing.

"I wanted to get him to a hospital, but I knew I couldn't. He would've been found out if they looked at the wounds. I felt so hopeless Levy. I couldn't do anything but watch him die." I choke out.

"That's when Gray and a few others found us. I didn't know who they were at the time, but I had to trust them. I ended up following them here." I finish. Levy hugs me tightly. "I'm so sorry Lucy..." I wipe my face. "It wasn't your fault. I'll be fine." Levy sends me a worried look. "When was the last time you saw Natsu?" Levy inquired.

"3 days."

"Alright, we're going to go see him." Levy concludes, grinning. From the look in her eyes, I can tell that she wont take no for an answer.



On our way to the infirmary, we stop at the main area; where the bar is. Levy wanted to go see Gajeel first; which I didn't have a problem with. I was quite hungry anyways.

The bar looked busy as always. It was about 8am, which was prime time around here. Everyone normally came for breakfast. It's early, I know; but I don't blame them. Mira's cooking is extremely delicious.

I study the bar and see a familiar onyx-eyd man sitting at the bar along with Gajeel, Gray, and Jellal. I was a bit surprised, but I held it back as I studied the situation.

It looked like this white haired girl, different for Mira and Lisanna, was trying to talk to Natsu. He seemed to be ignoring her though. I couldn't hear from all the way near the hallway, so I sat at the bar; blending in as I overheard their conversation.

"Natsu my darling! I know you've been feeling stressed lately, so why don't you come with me! I can make you feel better." the lady puts her arms around Natsu's arm and winks seductively. Natsu tsks and pushes her away. "For the last time, I'm not interested. Go bother someone else." Natsu growls. The girl shudders in fear and failure, as she scurries away.

The three other guys next to him laugh. Gray puts a hand on his shoulder. "Man, maybe you should take her up on her offer. You've been single for years." Gray chuckles. "Yeah, we're going to need a heir sooner or later..." Jellal smirks. Natsu grumbles. "Not this again.." The boys laugh again.

While they're distracted, Natsu looks directly at me. Go with it... he mouths. I nod and look away, pretending to mind my own business.

"Anyways, there's something I haven't done yet." Natsu calms the boys down. "Hey, Blondie! Come over here." I flinch at Natsu's words. I've never heard Natsu speak in that sort of tone to me, but I guess it was apart of his 'plan'.

I make my way over. It wasn't that far seeing as it was a few seats away from where I was sitting on the bar. Natsu looks at me, and then gets everyone's attention. "Everyone! I have an important announcement. It's about the new 'visitor'," Natsu motions to me.

Dead silence.

This is going to be awkward..

I give Natsu a look. To the outside, it looks like I'm just looking at him; but Natsu knows this look. It's the invisible glare look. Its the 'You better have a good reason for this..' look. He knew it all too well, and slightly held his palm up; a few inches from his waist. He did this to signal to me, Just wait, I got it.

Because of the 6 years we've known eachother and the 4 years we've been in a relationship, we've developed a lot of inside codes. They come in handy, especially now.

"I'd like to introduce you to our newest addition, Lucinda Hopeful. She will be helping Levy with her bugging and hacking." Natsu explains. Everyone nods. "Lucinda, follow me. I'll show you where you work" Natsu signals to the hallway opening and I follow, avoiding eye contact from the dozens of stares looking at me. Once we're out of eyesight and deep in the hallway, I hear the bar go back to its former noisy state.

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