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Lucy's POV

Its been about an hour, and there's still no word on Natsu. I can tell everyone's worried, because it wasn't like this when we first arrived. Everyone seemed especially cautious about me. I don't blame them; I'm a new person whose probably never been seen or mentioned. Not only that, but I also walked in covered in their leaders blood. That wasn't the best first impression.

It was extremely obvious that they were staring at me, seeing that I'm sitting in a completely abandoned part of the bar. I couldn't help but be a bit intimidated by their stares. But Natsu, wouldn't let them hurt me, right?

As I'm in my thoughts, the guy from earlier, Gajeel, approaches me. Tagging along with him is a guy with long green hair and another guy with white hair like Mira's.

"Hey, you. You never answered my question." The man snarls. I feel eyes turn to me. No one tried to stop the guy, as they were all curious as well. Even Mira. Think Lucy. What could offer you more time?


"Don't bother, she's probably some prostitute that got involved. After all, how could Natsu possibly survive, being single for so long." The green guy snarls. Some people start to laugh. I glare at him."I'm not a prostitute. Go look somewhere else."

The guy looks shocked for a minute before getting in my face. "Who do you think your talking to, you b***h!" He grabs my arm, but thanks to my quick thinking I'm able to kick him away before he can do anything else. He winces in pain before glaring at me. I take this opportunity to run before they can attack again. I feel people following me, but I keep running. I reach the hallway and run towards the infirmary. After a few seconds, I hear Gajeel. "Gray, what the F**k! She's getting away!" I take a deep breath of relief as I realize they aren't chasing me anymore.

I keep running till I reach the infirmary. I open the door and slam it behind me, pressing my back against it.

"Child, what are you doing?! We told you to wait outside!" Porlyusica scolds. At that moment, everything I had been holding in just came pouring out.

I slid down the door and just started sobbing. It was too much! My fiancé was severely injured, not to mention the leader of the strongest mafia. A mafia that currently hates me and thinks I hurt their leader. Not only that, but Natsu got hurt protecting me from a mafia that was looking for me. A mafia that's being payed by my father, the one I've been hiding from for 4 years. My father neglected me and was very hurtful, I didn't want to return to him, but I didn't want Natsu to die because of me.

I was so frustrated and for the first time, it seemed like everything was out of my control. I couldn't do anything but watch. I felt so helpless, so trapped. I hated it. I hated my life.

I was so wrapped up in my emotions, I didn't even recognize that Wendy had come to comfort me. "Are you okay miss?" She asked politely. I wipe my tears and shake my head. "I'm fine, but could I stay here for awhile? I won't cause any trouble..." I whimper. Wendy looks back at Porlyusica, as if she's communicating with her through her eyes. "Ugh fine. You better stay true to your word!" Porlyusica growls. I nod and sit on a chair near Natsu's bed.

The two doctors left us in the room alone, something about getting more medicine. I couldn't find myself to look at him. All of this is my fault. When I did, I saw all these tubes sticking out of him. It hurt, but I had to be strong for him. I scooted my chair closer to him and kissed his forehead. "I love you, Natsu.." I murmured before I fell asleep on his stomach.

Gray's POV

"What the f**k man! She's getting away!" Gajeel yells as I block the way to the hallway entrance. I could tell everyone was riled up. After all, she did attack one of the leaders, even if it was self defense. "It doesn't matter. We can't attack her." I say. "And why not... don't tell me she's some side chick of yours..." Gajeel snarls. I sigh. "Gray~Sama better not be cheating on Juvia!" Juvia screeches. I shake my head. "No, it's Natsu's orders." The others look at me weirdly.

"He told me to protect her."


I hoisted Natsu up and put his arm around my shoulder. He didn't look to good, he had many cuts and bruises, and was bleeding badly. I didn't know how he was going to survive, but he's breathing at least.

"Follow us..." I say coldly. The girl pauses, before following closely behind.

"G... Gray...." I heard Natsu from beside me. Barely making noise.

"Take it easy, Salamander..." I try to coax him, but he continues trying to speak by coughing and rasping.

"Please... p-protect... h-... her...." Then, I feel him get heavier. He had fully passed out.

I give him a wierd look before turning to the nervous girl behind us.

She was a beauty, with golden blond hair that reached to her mid-back. From what I saw earlier, she had big brown eyes.

She didn't resemble Natsu in any shape or form, and didn't look to be involved with mafia business judging by her reaction; so who was she?

And why her of all people did Natsu want to protect?


I finish the story and see confused faces.

"But, why?" Freed asks. The people around me nod at Freed, silently asking the same question. "Hell if I know. I'm just following orders." I tsk. I didn't really agree with it. Especially when she attacked Gajeel and wouldn't tell us what happened. I hear someone clear their throat. "Well, we'll just have to wait and see then." Erza concludes. We all nod. We didn't want to get on our boss' bad side. Injured or not.

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