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"W-what did you say?" I ask skeptically.

"I said.... you cried. You.... almost did..... again."he rasps. I'm taken aback. "I.... I-I was not-"

"I heard you yesterday, Luce..." Natsu interrupts. I bite my lip. "It was nothing.. I'm fine now..." I try to reason with him, but he shakes his head and closes his eyes. "You never cry, Luce. Even... if you did..... you never sobbed like that before..." Natsu narrows his eyes. "So who did it. Who hurt you?" He growls.

I thought about telling him before, but I just don't want to put those others in harm. Even if they did say some hurtful things about me, I didn't want to make Natsu punish them. It just made me feel really bad and guilty....

"I-it was nothing! I'm fine, really!" I try to shrug it off. Natsu keeps looking at me. "You stuttered. I'm being...... serious, Luce. Tell me......who the bastard is..... and I'll....... take care of it.." I shake my head. "No Natsu! You can barely stand! Let alone fight..." I trail off. Natsu raises an eyebrow. "So they did do...... something to you... I knew it.." Natsu sits up and tries to stand. "Natsu! No, Stop!" Before I could stop him he falls.

He shakes while holding his side. His eyes are shut tight and his jaw seems to be clenching in pain. "N-Natsu! What happened?!" I remove his hand and lift up his shirt. My eyes widen when I see what happened. "Oh.. my..." I whisper as I let go, backing up slowly. I turn around and run into the hallway, looking for help. "Someone! Help!" I call out. I run for awhile before I bump into Wendy. "Huh?  What's wrong?" Wendy asks, confused. "I-it's Natsu. He.. h-h-he..." I try to talk while tears brim my eyes. Wendy gets the message and rushes back to the room. When Wendy gets there she gasps. "I-I'll go get Porlyusica. Stay with him." I run to Natsu's side. "You Idiot! I told you not to move!" I yell at him,  trying to rid my tears.


"He'll be fine. He's lucky that the tear barely missed and important organ." The old lady grumbled. "I didn't want to do this, but I'm going to have to immobilize him for awhile. Until I know he can move without harming himself." Porlyusica sighs. "I know you don't get along with the others, but you can't stay in here. I'm sorry." Porlyusica tsks. "I know, I'm very sorry." I apologize to the older lady. "It will be fine, I'll help you out! Come on!" Wendy smiles. I pause before following her.


"So what do you like to do, Miss...."Wendy trails off. "Call me Lucinda for now..." I tell her. She nods. "So...?"

"Well, I do enjoy writing, but-" I'm interrupted by my growling stomach. Wendy giggles. "I knew you were hungry! Let's go get something from the bar." Wendy grabs my hand. My eyes widen as I remember the events that happened the last time.

"Your  probably just some prostitute..."

"Who are you talking to?"

"Don't mess with us."

"N-no! I'm fine! Trust me!" I laugh nervously, trying to change the subject. Wendy frowns. "But I know your hungry... it wont be that bad! I promise!" Wendy tries to convince me. "B-but, they're mad at me! I'd just make a bigger problem." I mumble the last part. "They're over it, I promise! Now let's go!" Wendy smiles and pulls my hand. "W-wait!" I stutter, but let her pull me. I'm curious and really hungry. I haven't eaten in what felt like days.

Your probably some prostitute.

Don't try me.

I asked a question!

As we got closer, I kept having flashbacks. I started to sweat and I felt my stomach knot. I was having a panic attack. I used to have them all the time when I would see my father, but I was never taught about them till I escaped and learned on my own. I wonder why I wasn't taught when Mom was alive though? I wonder. I've studied them before, but I've never been knowingly through one.

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