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Natsu's POV

"I can't believe you got laid before me..." Gray tsks at me. I laugh. "I always did wonder why you would never get jealous of other relationships.." Jellal trails off. "Or why Salamander was so afraid of going to strip clubs with us." Gajeel chuckles. "I could see why though, she looks intimidating..." Jellal reasons. I nod my head. "Very."

We look over at the girls and see Lucy being bombarded with questions.

"Poor girl..." Gray sighs.

"Once they capture you, there's no getting out..." Jellal shivers, remembering the time that everyone had found out that Erza was pregnant.

"I guess that's my queue. See ya." We wave our goodbyes before I head over to save Lucy.

Lucy's POV

It was currently 11pm and everyone was up partying and celebrating Natsu's return.

I was at the bar sipping on some Vodka with some of the other girls. We were all talking about futures, significant others, parenthood; things like that.

"So, Lucy.." Mira smirks at me. Uh oh... "When did you meet? How did you meet? How long have you been in a relationship with him?" Mira blurted, excited about Natsu's newly found relationship. The others crowded around, interested in what I had to say. "W-well we met in high school..."

"High school sweethearts? How cute!" Juvia swoons.

"That's a long time.." Erza says, impressed.

Mira gives the two death glares before looking back at me. "Continue."

I gulp. "I met him while he was trying to skip class, the idiot..." I chuckle softly while the others softly squeal. "It's been almost 5 years now, that we've been together."

"Cuties!!!" Mira squeals. "So when are we expecting babies! Is the wedding going to be soon?" Mira's eyes are sparking at this point. Juvia, Erza, and Levy are practically encouraging her and trying to convince me to spill more details.

"I.. uh.. umm..." I fumble, not knowing what to say or how to respond. I had never really been asked these questions, so I felt really embarrassed.

"Don't be shy! Ooh, tell me! Have you had sex yet?!" Mira babbles. I blush. Just what is going on in that mind of hers?!

I was about to tell her off when I felt a strong arms rest on my shoulder. "That's the wrong question, Mira. You should be asking how many rounds...." It's almost as if I could feel him smirk. I, on the other hand was completely embarrassed. I covered my face with my hands as I blushed a dark scarlet that was almost identical to Erza's hair.

With that, Mira fainted. Erza caught her her just in time before she made contact with the ground. "I think you broke Mira..." Levy sighs. Natsu laughs.

We talk with the girls some more before I start to notice Natsu twitching a bit, as if he's holding something in. That's when I realize that he hadn't been completely healed when he left, and that fighting might have made this injuries worse...

"Excuse me, I have some business to attend to with Natsu. Pardon us." I grab Natsu's hand and head to the abandoned hallway. "Woo! Go Lucy!" Levy cheers. "You better be pregnant when you come back!" She smirks. I blush. "Shut up!"

When I see that we've reached an abandoned hallway, I study Natsu. "What's wrong?" He asks. I frown. "Your hurt, that's what.." I begin to look for his scratches and bruises. "I'm fine, it's just a few scratches..."

I push off his loose button up shirt and see a huge bullet wound on his right shoulder. My eyes widen. "Natsu! How could you hide this?! You could get infected!!!" I panic. Natsu sighs. "I told you it's nothing-"

"Well it's something to me, now come on!" I attempt and push him towards the infirmary, but he won't move. "Nope." I grumble at his stubbornness. "I'm sorry Natsu." Before he could ask why, I grab his injured shoulder and pulls him along.

His little whimpers made me want to comfort him and hold him, just to tell him that he would be okay. But he wouldn't listen. I had to do what I had to do. Besides, it wouldn't severely injure him, it would just stimulate pain.

We arrived at the infirmary and I let go of Natsu. He stumbled around a bit before landing safely on a bed, clutching his shoulder for dear life. "Lucy.... what the f***" he exclaimed while panting. "I'm sorry, but I can't let you put yourself through so much pain. You have to get help." I explain. Natsu shakes his head and continues to let out soft curses.

"Well what do we have here?" A familiar old lady walks in. "Porlyusica!" I exclaim and rush over to her. "Don't tell me that fool got hurt again..." She grumbles. I shake my head. "He was hiding his injuries so that he could go. His exertion made it worse." I explain to the old lady. She scowls. "Reckless boy. I should've examined him one more time..." She sighs before heading over to Natsu. "Let me clean his wounds first, then I'll get back to you on his 'condition'." I nod and start to head out. "Thank you."

Natsu's POV

I watched as Lucy walked out and closed the door behind her. It was then when I fell back onto the bed. Porlyusica tsks as she gathers medical materials. "Overworking yourself yet again, Mr. Dragneel?" I chuckle softly. She looks over at me and rolls her eyes. "Just like your father, I'd be careful if I were you." Porlyusica scolds. I frown. I get that I'm reckless, but somethings are just worth risking.

"Especially with that girl you're with. She cares a lot about you, you know?" I grumble. "I know..." I don't think she'll ever not be on my case. That's just how Lucy is, and now that she knows my occupation, it's only going to get worse.

"You say that as if it's a bad thing...?" Porlyusica questions me. I sigh. "You don't know the half of it."

She glares at me, making me shiver a bit. "Your lucky that she stays with you. Anyways, I have wounds to take care of. So I'd appreciate it if you kept still and shut your mouth!" I shiver. "Y-yes ma'am."

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