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I walk out and see our group waiting for me. Gray looks at me an raises an eyebrow. "What happened?" He questions me. I shake my head. "Nothing. Everything's taken care off." I tell him. Gray looks at me for a while before giving up and returning his stare to the group. "Well, I guess we know our next course of action." Gray announces. Gajeel nods. "The Heartfillia mansion."


Lucy's POV
"Alright, there traveling right now, so you can go take a break. You have an hour." I nod before she continues, making me flinch. "DONT BE LATE OR ILL MAKE YOU PAY THE CONSEQUENCES!" Levy threatens me which causes a shiver to go up my spine. Man, she can be really scary sometimes.

"Y-yeah, I'll be back..." I slowly slip out of the room and walk to the bar. It's around lunch time now, and I'm really hungry.

Sure enough, I see Mira and Erza at the bar. Erza didn't go because she didn't want to leave Reiki, and Mira claimed that she wanted to make sure Erza was okay; even though she was pregnant herself.

"Hey Lucinda! The normal?" Mira asks. "Yes please." I nod and sit next to Erza, who is breastfeeding Reiki under her shirt. "How's the mission going, Lucinda?" She asks. I shrug. "Stressful."

Erza nods in understanding. "First missions are always stressful, but don't worry! Levy's there to help you." Erza smiles. I can't help but smile too, feeling reassured. Even though my worries were with Natsu and not my job, pI still felt at ease. "What Erza said.." Mira emerges from the back, carrying my pasta and strawberry milkshake. She sets in down and I silently thank her. "Besides..." Mira leans down to whisper in my ear. "We have some good looking fighters that can hold their own." She winks at me, making me flustered. "Speaking of which, do you have anyone special in your life Lucinda?" Erza asks. Mira wiggles her eyebrows and I blush. "W-well I have a fiancé.."

"A fiancé? Didn't you live on the streets?" Erza asks, confused. Shoot. I forgot about that. I internally panicked. If I said that I wasn't actually on the streets, they'd think I was untrustworthy. If I told them that Natsu was lying, they wouldn't trust Natsu or might think he was 'Soft'. "W-we have a long distance relationship. He d-doesn't know about my situation." I lower my head. Erza rubs my back with her free hand. We stay silent for awhile.

"W-well... what's he like?" Mira folded her arms onto the bar and looked at me with curiosity. I get a bit scared of her eagerness, before continuing. "W-well he's childish and completely messy. Almost as stubborn as I am; also very clingy and possessive..." I sigh. "But he's sweet, loving, and super loyal. He's sincere and so positive and persistent..." I pause as I think about how truly lucky I am to have Natsu. "Aww!" Erza and Mira squeal. "You seem so in love.." Erza smiles. "I better be invited to the wedding!" Mira playfully threatens me. I laugh. "I promise."

"B-but enough about me! What about you two?!" I say quickly, trying to change the subject. "Well, of course you know I married Jellal and we had this little one, who I think is done eating..." Erza discretely takes Reiki out and begins to burp him.

"But yeah, it's been mostly parenthood these past few days. It's like that's all I do, not that I mind." Erza smiles at the small child. "I could watch him one night.." I suggest. Erza's face brightens.


"Yeah! Besides, you guys need a date night every once and awhile." I smile. "I guess we'll talk about it when Jellal comes back. Thanks so much again!"

"No problem!" I grin before turning over to Mira with a smirk. "What about you?" Mira blushes. "I- We- uh... I have to go clean some dishes!" Mira runs off embarrassed while Erza and I giggle.

I end up talking with Erza more and finishing my meal before bidding my goodbyes' and heading off in Levy's direction. 

"You ready?" Levy asks as I sit back down. "As I'll ever be." I put the headset on and look at the layout for the mansion.

It looks the same as it did all those years ago, and brought back the same painful memories too. 

Levy reaches and pats my hand.

"Let's just get this over with.." I grumble.

Natsu's POV
"This is the place..." I sigh.  It really hasn't changed. I remember when we were young, and just escaping.

"N-Natsu... h-h-he's planing on m-marrying me t-to a 47 year old b-b-businessman. I-I'm so scared-" Lucy chokes on her words, sobbing on my chest. "Shhh... it's okay..." the pinkette tries to comfort his new girlfriend. "N-no! You don't understand! I'll never get out of this..!" She exclaims, obviously stressed about her current situation. Natsu looks at her for awhile before getting up. "W- where are you going? No! D-don't leave!" She shakes.

Natsu goes to her closet and brings out the biggest suitcase he sees, before tearing clothes from her closet. "W-what are you doing?" Natsu stops for a minute and faces Lucy.

"We're going to get you out of here."


"You ready?" Natsu asks. Lucy nods and looks at her room one last time. She goes over to her desk and picks up a picture of her mother before scurries over to me. He picks her up and jumps off the window

He grabs the vines and gently slides down. Once his feet hit the ground, Natsu drops Lucy. They run across the large lawn and to the gates surrounding the area of land. Natsu then helps her through one of weak parts of the fence. When they both make it to the other side, Lucy pauses. She stares at her room, now hundreds of feet away and nothing but a small pink light coming though a smaller rectangle.

She stares at it. All of the good and bad memories here. She had suffered a lot, but hadn't expected to actually be able to escape. It felt unreal to her.

Natsu reaches to grab her arm, when he sees the girls expression. "Hey? Are you okay?" She looks above her room. There she sees the Leo constellation. It was a sign known for being protective over loved ones. It reminded the young Heartfillia so much of her cousin, Loki. She would probably never see him again. For that matter, she wouldn't see Aries anymore, Loki's girlfriend that worked as a maid. She wouldn't see Virgo, Lucy's personal maid that always looked out for her. She would miss the cook, Cancer; the driver, Capricorn; all of the staff that helped her.

She knew that she would miss them with all of her heart, but she also knew that they always wanted her to be free of her father. They all saw firsthand how truly disgusting he could be, but alas, couldn't do anything about it. They had to make money somehow, so this was for the best.

Lucy sighs and turns to face the pinkette. "I'm fine, let's go before they find out I'm gone." Natsu nods and grins. Even through the dark atmosphere and the silent night, Lucy could see his smile through the moonlight. It filled her with hope about the future.

She blushes before she is suddenly pulled from her thoughts by Natsu literally grabbing her arm and dragging her off.

"H-hey!" Lucy whisper yells. "Shh! Safe it for later. We have our whole lives ahead of us." She lets out a soft smile and starts to run with Natsu, the young couple dashing into the dark night.

She knew that there would be a lot of troubles coming their way, and now was only the beginning.

But she also knew, somewhere, deep deep inside, that she would be okay.

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