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Lucy's POV

It's been two weeks and things seem to be getting better. My relationship with Natsu has gotten way better. We also went out to get a ring, since his idiotic self forgot to buy one before proposing. He claims that he wasn't planning on it and that the moment 'felt right', but I know he was just giving an excuse on his procrastination. I let it slide though.

My ring was a light pink oval-shaped crystal, with 4 miniature white diamonds on each side, decorating the ring band. Natsu had a plain silver ring, that he claimed was so stylish. He probably just didn't want to be to girly but oh well.

We went out more, Natsu even started coming home earlier. We were both so happy, spending time with each other. With all the recent stress, we both forgot how much we enjoyed each other's company.

Right now, Natsu was at work and I was getting ready to meet with my best friend, Levy. She was the only one I kept in contact with after High School. We haven't talked in ages though. I was sitting in the café all alone, and decided to text Natsu.


Hey. You there?

Yeah, I'm here Luce
Need anything?

No, just checking in <3.
Can we go out later?

Fiancé❤️: Sure, where to?

I don't have a preference.
As long as it's with you. ✨

How about the sewers?
You know what I mean                                                                                                                                                        Natsu!

Hehe, I know. I'm just playin'
around Luce ❤️ ________________________

I smile. I'm about to respond before I hear a familiar voice. "Dang, who are you talking to that's making you blush this much?" Levy teases. I get up and hug the small frame. "Levy! What took you so long!" I cross my arms. "Sorry, I was a little busy..." I study her and notice her neck seems more blended in than normal. I look back at her eyes. "So who'd you do it with?" I stare at her.


"Don't pretend you don't know Levy. I see the foundation you used to cover your hickeys up." Levy blushes a dark red. "Luc-, Lucinda!" I laugh. "Jeez, your weren't named one of the smartest for nothing." I smile. Levy did know about me. I told her everything, well except for my relationship.

We chat for awhile, catching up, before something brings up Levy's attention. "Hey, I don't remember you having that ring...." Levy stares at it. "Oh this? I just found it at a Blair's and thought it was really cute." I lie. "You'll have to show me sometime, it's really pretty." Levy smiles.

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