After Story #1

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PS: I think this is rated mature for the use of alcohol? Idek but u kids would read it anyways.


~AutumnBreeze_19/Queen Autumn

Lucy's POV

"You ready Luce?" Natsu yells from downstairs. "Almost!" I quickly put on a pair of long diamond earrings before walking downstairs. I saw Natsu in a black tuxedo, without a tie of some sort. I was weaing a dark blue spaghetti strapped dress that hugged my curves and showed off my figure. I had light-ish make up on with some dark heels on. The earings just topped it off. ;)

"Damn." I hear my husband mutter under his breath. "What?" I knew what he was looking at, but I just wanted to hear him say it. The feeling is all too pleasing.

He gives me one long look before shaking his head. "Nah, it's nothing, lets go." He smirks. I growl at him before following him to the car. He did it on purpose, I just know it!
Natsu pulls into the parking lot, arriving at the location. He then turns the car off and we both get out of the car.

Natsu comes around as I close my door. "Shall we?" He lends his arm towards me. I smile back at him, wrapping my arm around his. "Yes, we shall."


"Lucy! You made it!" A small blue-haired woman rushes over to me. "Why wouldn't I?" I smile.

She reaches us. "Hey Boss, I'm stealing you wife." She winks at me. "Oh no, how could you Luce?" Natsu pouts at me, playing along. I roll my eyes at the two. "Very funny." They both chuckle.

"Well, you should get going. Don't wanna keep the girls waiting.." Natsu nudges me. " I know, I know. See you later, babe.." I kiss his cheek goodbye before heading off with Levy, ready to finally get some girl time.

Arriving, I'm greeted by a dressy Erza, Juvia, Mira, and Lisanna. "Hey Lucy!" Mira smiles at me. "Hey!" I wave at the group, noticing a missing scarlet-haired toddler and blonde baby. "Hey, where's Reiki and Lance?" I ask, curious of how Erza, Mira, Jellal, and Laxus we're here without their kids.

"Ah yes, Wendy wasn't planning on coming so she volunteered to babysit." Erza explains. "Oh..." I trail off, a bit confused on Wendy's capabilities. She might be a good doctor, but a babysitter?

Mira catches my drift and quickly responds. "Oh, she's not completely alone... Porlyusica agreed to help." She laughs nervously. "Ah, okay. I get it." I nod. We all laugh before a familiar face walks this way. I turn around and recognize her immediately.

"Yukino! I haven't seen you in a while!" I smile at her. She smiles and nods back. "Yeah, I haven't seen you since high school!" It has been awhile. Back in 9th grade when we were both the only freshman in the astrology class we took.

"You've obviously got things going your way if your engaged..." I smirk. "Y-Yeah.." she laughs nervously.

"Alright, I know reunions are fun and all, but can we start drinking now?! It's time to celebrate! You can catch up later!" Cana bursts. I knew she would crack, especially at a party like this.

"Cana does have a point..." Mira starts with a devious grin on her face. "Besides, it's been awhile since I've drank, and I want to go all the way."

"I like the way you talk.." Cana grins and calls the bartender over. "Hey cutie, mind giving us something to drink? And make that on the strong side.." the bartender nods and rushes away, getting our drinks.

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