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Lucy's POV
I walk downstairs, alone. Natsu had left earlier this morning after all. I hoped he would fall asleep with me, but that wasn't the case. It was wishful thinking, I know, but I desperately wanted it to come true.

I sigh as I reach the main area, it looks more empty than normal, probably because of the attack on Sabertooth. They probably didn't know the full reason behind the attacking, but nearly killing their leader should be a good enough reason for an attack.

Once I step in, Levy notices me. "Hey Lucinda! Are you ready for your first mission?" I nod and we walk towards the control room, where I "work".

Levy shuts the door behind her and eyes me. "Are you good, Lu?" Levy asks. I sigh. "As I'll ever be."

Natsu's POV
I send the snipers to get in their position. Everything is together and in place, I was just waiting for the signal from Levy.

"All clear. Commence Saber Attack." I hear Lucy say over the line. I flinch at her voice before remembering. Out of all the jobs, why did I choose to give her this one?!

I regather my self. "Aye."

The sniper on the right side, Juvia, shot the first shot. This one wasn't supposed to do any damage really, it was just supposed to alert them and think that the threat is coming from out there, when it's really coming from the other side.

Sting grabs the dart. "You really thought you could sneak up on me, huh?" Sting chuckles. "Show yourself, coward." He barks. Everyone looks at the side to which the dart came from. This gives Bisca, another sniper, to be able to shoot without distractions. She shoots the pressure point in his neck, causing him to faint. The members gasp and Bisca speaks into her hidden mic. "Prey taken out. T minus 5 minutes." I hear her say. "Got it." I then command my group to attack from the front doors, while their group is focused on Bisca's direction.

We're able to take out a few of their men and women before they notice that they're being attacked from the front.

The fight lasts for a few minutes before we're able to knock everyone out. We have a policy about these kinds of things. When dealing with an enemy, we normally knock them out instead of killing. We leave a warning that if they tell anyone that we didn't kill them, or that we don't kill the first time were attacked; then we will actually track them down. Most mafias and gangs get scared at that fact, so they tend to leave us alone. It takes convincing, but we pull it off normally.

I check my watch, hidden under my sleeve. "And with 1 minute to spare..." I smirk. "You can come out now, Yukino." I stare daggers at the bar. Sure enough, a trembling woman with short hair pops up.

You might think I have some sort of special power, but I don't. I just have been eying her since we started the attack. I knew she was something of importance to Sting, which was important for getting the information I needed.

"Come closer, we won't harm you.." Jellal coaxes. Technically he wasn't wrong. She was just bait.

She slowly came from behind the bar, which gave Gray enough time to capture her from behind. I could almost hear the possessive growl from Juvia.

She lets out a mumbled scream, which wakes Sting up. Right on time.

"Y-you bastard! What have you done?!" He screeches and tries to get up, but he can't. Bisca's dart not only knocked him out, but it paralyzed him. Only for 10 minutes though, so we had to make this quick.

"Is that such a way to talk to your abductor?" My voice drips with venom as Sting struggles to move. He can't get too far. I snarl. "Pathetic. I'll just have to kill her them." I turn my back.

"No stop!" Sting yells. I pause. "I'll give you all the information you need! You could even kill or punish me! But please! Don't touch her... I'm begging you!" You could hear the sorrow in his voice. I knew how he felt all too well, which was another reason that I try not to kill.

"Tell me what you know." My back is still facing him, but I can feel him nod. "I-I don't know much, Jude just told me that you might have the girl and to find out if you did! He didn't want to kill her, he just wanted her to come home! I thought I was saving her!" Sting says quickly. There's a silence in the room. "Yukino Agria." I mumble. "H-huh?" Sting quietly questions. "She had a mother, a father, and an older sister. Her parents would mistreat her and her sister. Her sister would always stick up for her, but it got to be so much. So, when she turned 13, her older sister covered for her while she ran away with you, correct?"

"How did you-"

"Am I correct?" I say in a harsher tone.

"Y-yeah, he is.." Yukino says softly.

"B-but she wasn't at a good place at home! It was borderline abuse, maybe it even was! I wouldn't know what happened there." Sting argues, defending Yukino. I smirk. "Then you know why the girl ran away." Sting pauses as realization pours over him. He hangs his head in sorrow.

I signal for the others to leave and release Yukino. She quickly goes and hides back at the bar, where Bisca snipes her and knocks her out; unbeknownst to Sting.

Once everyone has left, I walk closer to Sting. "I've been fighting for the wrong thing this whole time. I thought I was right but, the money blinded me." He mumbled under his breath. "I really am pathetic, aren't I.." Sting chuckles. I ignore this. "How's Rouge?" I ask. "He's fine, just resting." Sting sighs. "That's good." I nod, walking away. "Your not a bad kid Sting, I hope to see you doing better things in the future." Sting nods before I shoot a dart at him, knocking him out.

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