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We walk into this abandoned room. Natsu turns around and shuts the door softly. I turn around and watch him slowly let go of the door knob.

"Lucy... I'm.. so sorry..."

He turns around and faces me, his head down. "I never meant to drag you into this. I tried so hard, but..." he looks up and smiles at me. "I failed. And now..." he trails out. "You're in danger." Natsu chuckles at this. "How ironic, isn't it. The one thing I didn't want to do... I did it." He sighs.

"Natsu..." I say softly. I stare at him for awhile before shaking my head. "You just don't get it, do you?" I chuckle softly. Natsu raises an eyebrow as I slowly move closer to him. "I'll say it one more time. I don't care that I'm in danger. I don't care that your a Mafia boss. I don't care that you lied to me."

I stop in front of him and put my hands on his cheeks. "Your alive and your well. That's all that matters to me. So don't stress, we'll make it out okay, alright?" Natsu smiles lightly and nods.

"Yes, Mrs. Dragneel."

I blush and nod. "Good, we're on track now." I smile. Natsu grins at me before grimacing.

I punched him in the stomach.

"Jerk! Don't scare me like that again!" I fume. "Jeez, I'm sorry." Natsu grumbles, holding his stomach. I hug him tightly. "I-I thought I would loose you..." I stutter, starting to sniffle. Natsu holds me close. "Don't cry. It'll make me sad too.." Natsu pouts. I cant help but smile at his childish behavior. "Hey," he lifts my chin up. I send him a confusing look as he smirks. "We never finished what happened all those days ago." I think back to when I first found him, but before I could remember I feel his lips collide against mine.

I pause in shock before kissing him back. He smirks through the kiss and wraps his arms around my waist, while I wrap mine around his neck. Natsu deepens the kiss and his hands roam lower. I catch the hint and wrap my legs around his torso. He pushes my back against the wall as I play with his hair. I smile into the kiss.

I could get used to this...


I snuggled my head on Natsu's chest as he pulled me closer. I pressed my hand there, trying to feel his heartbeat. I let out a breath of relief when I found it. It put me at ease in a way I never thought I would.

We were cuddling on the floor in the abandoned room for awhile, just enjoying each other's company. I could feel him start to shift though, which meant our time would be shortened. Unless I could persuade him somehow...


"Do you have to go...?" I pout, trying to sound needy. He sighs. "I wish I could stay Luce, but I have to work..."

"I know..." I groan. "The whole attack-war thing..." I sit up and face him, one leg on either side of him. "But you don't have to leave so soon..." I put my head in the crook of his neck and start to shift around a bit. "L-Luce... what are you..." Natsu pants. I look up and see him blush a little, grinding his teeth together. I smirk. "Your so excited, you can't leave now..." I whine seductively as I feel Natsu touch my..


I shake my head. I couldn't do that! I'm barely that confident! I blush madly. Natsu catches this and looks at me. "You okay?" He questions. "Y-yeah! I-I'm fine! J-just thinking!" I stutter, blushing harder. Natsu chuckles as he sits up. "You have weird thoughts, Luce.." he grins. I cover my face in embarrassment.

Natsu laughs and gives me a bear hug before gently moving to the side. "I'll see you later, okay?" I nod and he kisses my forehead. He then gets up and walks away.


I walk down the abandoned hallway, it seems like everyone has gone home. "Lucy! Where have you been?!" I hear a voice from behind me call out. "Levy?" I turn around. "I've been looking for you for about an hour! Your lucky I decided to cover for you!" Levy frowns. "Aw, Levy. You didn't have to..."

"Yeah, I'll just have to make more people suspicious of you by letting them know you disappeared for an hour.." Levy rolls her eyes. I giggle. "Thanks Lev, I owe you one." I thank her. Levy grins. "Great, you can repay it by being my maid of honor." I shriek.

"He didn't!"

"He did!"

I squeeze Levy. "Congratulations!" Levy blushes lightly. "Thanks..."is

We continue to talk until I reach the elevator that leads to Natsu's office level. I wave Levy goodbye before heading up.

At this point, I've memorized the way back; the fancy elevator, the right turn at the water dispenser, even the number of doors in the hallway. I guess all the knowledge forced into my head is useful for something. It doesn't make up for all the torture I went through though.

I walk in the room and see Natsu passed out on the make-shift bed. He snored lightly as his ripped chest rose and fell. The baggy white pants he wore sagged lowly on his hips, completely exposing the scar on his left side.

He looked so innocent in his sleep, so peaceful. It was a weird experience, seeing as I don't normally see him asleep. Natsu normally came home late recently; and even if I was awake when he got home, I would fall asleep first out of exhaustion from waiting for him. The time spent in the infirmary wasn't really a calming situation either, so this is the first time seeing him sleep in what felt like years.

I smile, walking closer to the bed. I take off my shirt and skirt, folding them neatly onto the table nearby. I pass the bed and grab the oversized T-shirt of Natsu's that I've been wearing as of late.

After I finish changing I sit on the bed, admiring Natsu. I went through a lot when I was younger; but Natsu's love and support definitely helped me. His smile, his child-like attitude, his carefree spirit; it's made me forget about my past through the years. I really owe it to him. I think as a small smile graces my lips.

"I wish you would smile like that more often Luce... " I hear Natsu murmur sleepily. I can't help but feel embarrassed as a faint red slowly creeps onto my cheeks. "I-I-" I'm interrupted by a strong, muscular arm pushing me into the sheets. Natsu then pulls me closer to him. "Sleep..." Natsu yawns. I sigh at his boldness, but I can't help but smile at the familiarity.

I snuggle closer into his bare chest, gently closing my eyes.

"Sweet Dreams"

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