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Lucy's POV

It's been a week since Natsu's passing. We've all come to terms with it. It still hurt, but we were getting by together. It was especially hard for me though, I felt out of place. Since I was thought of as a new worker no one really thought I knew him, so I wasn't expected to grieve that much. I felt as though I had to grieve alone, or wait for the perfect time when no one was paying attention. It was as if I wasn't allowed to grieve, because I 'hadn't known him'. I felt this unbelievable amount of pressure that was so overwhelming and tiring.

I also didn't knew if my father was still alive or if we was still looking for me, which still scared me.

For once, I didn't know what to do with my life, or how to move forward.

I've probably been fired from my job for not showing up in over 1 1/2 weeks. The house I didn't know if it was still okay, let alone if I could leave and see it. I felt like my world was falling apart, like I was falling into a pit of darkness and couldn't see the way out.

I sighed as I put on my black skirt and headed downstairs; completely dressed and ready.

I wondered how Happy would react, or if he'd realize. Of course he would, that cat adored Natsu. I hope he did survive like Natsu said.

I get off the elevator and head to the bar, where I sit down along with Erza and Juvia. "Good morning Lucinda! How may I help you?" Mira asks kindly. Lucinda..


"But what if I use my real name and they find out who I am?!" Lucy panics as she heads to her first interview. "It's fine, just use a fake name." Natsu assures her. They were hand in hand and walking to her first attempt at getting a job. Lucy was extremely nervous. "Like what? And what if I forget? This is a bad idea..." Lucy groans. "Just use Lucinda." Lucy gives him a questioning look. "Why Lucinda?"

Natsu shrugs his shoulders. "It's not too different from your real name, so it'll be easy to remember!" He grins.

It was something about that grin that put Lucy at ease, and she enjoyed that feeling. "Okay, Okay. I can do this. Just have to take a few deep breaths..."

"That's my girl."

End of Flashback


Natsu had given me that name.

To help me.

I started to tear up, so I hid my face. "I'm fine, thanks for asking." I could tell that Mira was confused, but at that moment and for the first time. I didn't really care. "...Okay then... call me if you need anything!" And with that she scurries away, tending to other members at the bar.

I looked around. Everyone seemed to have moved on or had some type of coping mechanism. The mafia wasn't as lively as before, but they weren't completely depressed either. It seems like they had found a way to cope; a way to deal with the pain. It must be working, good for them.

I hear my stomach growl and I chuckle. I guess I was hungry after all. I get up to call Mira when I hear the door slam open. I turn quickly to see what the commotion is about, but when I do, I nearly faint.

A guy stumbled in. His clothes were ashy and ripped. The cuts and scratches that he possessed seemed to almost completely cover his face. He had this off-pink hair with specks of debree caught in it.

It's Natsu.

The guild goes into complete silence.

He stares at us in confusion.

I feel my legs move on their own as I slowly walk towards him. "Natsu?"

He notices me and grins. "Hey Luce, I'm home."

I was in shock. I didn't know if this was real. Was I dreaming? Am I going to wake up soon? Because if I am, please let me sleep a little while longer.


She walked up to the worn out man and put a palm on his cheek. She caressed it and studied his features. Of course, he looked a little roughed up, but he was still the Natsu she fell in love with.

"What? Is there something on my face?" Natsu questioned Lucy. Instead of answering his question, the blond slapped her fiancé. The mafia grew hostile and were about to take out the lady for touching their Boss, but were shocked when they saw Natsu pouting as he held his stinging cheek in pain. "Oww... that hurt." He rubs his cheek. Lucy scoffs. "That hurt?! Natsu I thought you were dead! Don't worry me like that!" Lucy ranted, lightly hitting his chest as she pressed her face closer to it; hiding her incoming tears. "Hey hey! I'm sorry. I'm alive, see?" He grabs her hand and pulls it to his chest, and sure enough, she could feel a heartbeat.

"I told you I'd keep my promise!" Natsu grins. Lucy wipes her face. "Yeah, I know. I'm just-" she takes a deep breath and smiles at him. "Happy. Really happy." Natsu smiles back. The two lean in and share a quick kiss before Natsu pulls her closer, embracing her.

"H-hey!" They hear a voice from besides them. "I told you that Natsu was mine! Why didn't you listen! You brat, I'm going to kill you!" Touka yelped, obviously frustrated and angry.

Natsu gave her a long stare before glaring at her. "F' off.." he flipped her off before returning his gaze to Lucy.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the two lovebirds, the guild was loosing their marbles. Not only had their boss come back from the dead, but he was getting intimate with a girl; a girl that had barely stepped foot into the mafia. That's when chatter started to erupt.

Maybe that's a family member?

How did he find a girlfriend, but I haven't?

Wait... didn't they just meet?

Is no one going to bring up the fact that he just came back from the dead and now he's alive with a significant other!

Among this, Erza was watching. She saw the scene and saw everyone's confusion. She was just as confused, but knew that there was something that they didn't know.

"Natsu!" Erza called out. He turned to her direction. "Huh?"

Erza cleared her throat. "Do you mind telling us what's going on?" She demands. Natsu gets her message and shivers. "Oh, y-yeah." Natsu lets go of Lucy and holds her hand. "Everyone! I'd like you to meet Miss. Lucy Heartfillia..."

Everyone gasps.

"That can't be!" Erza gapes.

"Y-you mean that girl who disappeared years ago?" Wendy stutters.

"I thought she moved out of the country?" Lisanna ponders.

"Hey, I'm still talking here!" Everyone quiets down.

Natsu rolls his eyes. "As I was saying, this is Lucy..." he pauses and smirks.

"...my fiancé."

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